The One Thing You Never Realized About Christina Aguilera’s “I Turn To You” Video

Okay more than one thing.

1. I want to talk about Christina Aguilera’s music video for “I Turn To You” because I never realized it’s an anthem for moms and frantic teens and this is an important cultural artifact because this is before Bionic destroyed her career.

ID: 3260888

2. And you know this video. It’s Christina in this blown-out background being all dramatic with her hands and face and everything.

ID: 3260889

3. And she walks down the street in the rain with an umbrella. Typical Christina basic bullshit.

ID: 3260891

4. But did you ever realize there’s a separate storyline about a frantic teen being waaay overdramatic about a little accident and her mom giving her warm tea? Because it is.

ID: 3260863

5. These lyrics are about a mom! A mom!

For a shield from the storm,
For a friend, for a love
to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you.
For the strength to be strong,
For the will to carry on
For everything you do,
for everything that’s true
I turn to you.

ID: 3262408

Let’s recap. The following are actual gifs from the music video.

ID: 3262074

6. So here’s the hero. Mom. Let’s call her Bev. Bev is worried about her daughter. Let’s call her daughter Candy.

ID: 3260864

7. Candy is driving around being a dramatic teen when she gets hit by a car.

ID: 3260862

8. “Shit.”

ID: 3260887

9. “Mom is gonna killlll me!!!!”

ID: 3260865

10. Bev gets a phone call.

ID: 3260866

11. Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera is in a small town walking in the middle of traffic.

ID: 3260867

12. “Here’s a giant white towel. This will protect you from the pouring rain.”

ID: 3260869

13. It doesn’t work.

ID: 3260868

14. So then Bev shows up…

ID: 3260872

15. … Candy loses her mind.

ID: 3260871

16. And Christina is still walking in the goddamn traffic.

ID: 3260870

17. Christina is now on a roof.

ID: 3260890

18. Candy is driven home. She recaps the accident to Bev.

ID: 3260881

19. Bev speaks: “Oh lookie here my Candy girl. Here’s a cup of warm tea to soothe ye’ mood.”

ID: 3260873

20. Candy laughs because she realizes she’s just a really bad driver and an overdramatic puffy teen.

ID: 3260877

21. Then more shots of Christina being over-singery/dramatic.

ID: 3260895

22. She’s back on that roof.

ID: 3260879

23. Candy and Bev embrace. Candy’s hair is permanently wet. It’s a teen thing.

ID: 3260882


ID: 3262110

24. And here’s a bonus gif of Christina petting a dove.

ID: 3260885

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