The 26 Most Puzzling Pictures Of Leonardo DiCaprio Ever Taken

Leo, what was going on?

26. Was your outfit made of straw?

ID: 808090

25. Was it hard to sit that way?

ID: 808194

24. What kind of lipstick were you wearing?

ID: 808099

23. Why were you holding a measuring cup full of milk?

ID: 808130

22. Did you finish that entire measuring cup full of milk?

ID: 808132

21. What’s the deal with the swan?

Annie Leibovitz / Via
ID: 808178

20. What’s happening here?

David LaChapelle
ID: 808227

19. How did you get your hair to stay that way?

Interview Magazine / Via
ID: 808181

18. Did someone hit you in the face with this ice cream cone?

Interview Magazine / Via
ID: 808185

17. What was the cross supposed to mean?

In other words, does this have a deeper meaning?

ID: 808050

16. Did the shell speak?

David LaChapelle
ID: 808226

15. Why did you knock down that chair?

ID: 808242

14. Were you supposed to be holding an umbrella or something?

ID: 808357

13. Coke or Pepsi?

ID: 808359

12. Was this supposed to be sexy?

ID: 808512

11. Why were you wearing a burlap sack?

ID: 808400

10. What size were those pants?

ID: 808403

9. What is going on with your feet?

That doesn’t look natural…

ID: 808416

8. Why were you wearing a leather jacket in a water fall?

ID: 808413

7. What does this mean?

ID: 808486

6. What is this pose?

ID: 808496

5. Where are those sunglasses now?

ID: 808490

4. What was the deal with you always exposing your midriff?

ID: 808488

3. Again, why did you show your belly so much?

ID: 808491

2. There’s your stomach again…?

ID: 808395

1. Why??!?!?!??!

ID: 807975

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