The Definitive 2013 Sundance Fashion Guide

Fab or drab? Find out who made the list!

1. Fab: This chill baby

The matching sunglasses with the jumper totally make this outfit. It’s loud, but perfect for Sundance. What a great way to get noticed without being obnoxious.

ID: 827028

2. Drab: This dude’s fur hat

ID: 827077

3. It’s basically a really expensive version of this hat:

ID: 827677

4. Fab: This dude in cowpants

Animal print is all the rage right now and “cow” is totally something that could become a thing.

ID: 827025

5. Drab: Red fur coat dude

I’m with the lady in this picture, I’m just not really sure what he’s going for with this one.

ID: 827027

6. Fab: The Morningstar burger crew jackets

I like it because it almost looks like a veggie burger. It’s kind of artsy.

ID: 827029

7. Drab: This hair

No no no! “Totempole Hair” has not been in since ‘04!

ID: 827030

8. Fab: Dude with a really long ponytail and a Bowser jacket

Roar! Love this look. The hat really puts this thing to together. A+.

ID: 827032

9. Drab: Michael Cera

Reminds me too much of blood.

ID: 827031

10. Fab: This drag queen’s boobs

Lighted breasts are all the rage in Germany right now. It’s nice to see the trend pop up in Utah!

ID: 827034

11. Drab: This tophat

RING RING RING! Um hello! The 1800s called, they want their hat back!

ID: 827033

12. Drab: Plaid shorts with matching sneakers

You’re in the mountains in Utah. Why are you wearing shorts? Look at your life. Look at your choices. You’re going to get the God damn flu!

ID: 827036

13. Fab: This moose that kind of looks like a camel

LOVE the pancho and cowboy boots.

ID: 827037

The pants are also great. She apparently found them in a little thrift store in Los Angeles for $30. What a steal.

ID: 827042

15. Drab: Fur vest t-shirt lady

Your arms are hanging out. It is 20 degrees. The fur is not covering your arms. Go home!

ID: 827040

16. Fab: This headless mannequin

The best dressed mannequin in Salt Lake. The scarf goes really well with her headless body.

ID: 827041

17. Drab: Backwards visor lady

If it had been a forwards visor I might have commended this woman for this brave look. But because it’s backwards, I can’t. I simply can not.

ID: 827082

18. Fab: The lady wearing the giant poncho

A bold look for a bold lady. While slightly dated, the outfit is mysteriously charming.

ID: 827043

19. Drab: The lady that wore a spacesuit

The last time I checked we’re on planet Earth!

ID: 827086

20. Fab: Hamburger bags

One word: delicious!

ID: 827045

21. Fab: These dapper fellas

I feel like I traveled back in time when people dressed really nicely or something. Fabulous look, you two!

ID: 827083

22. Fab: Epic mullet man

What’s not to love about this flawless mullet? Great job!

ID: 827074

23. Drab: Polygamy shirt

It’s just a little too “Sister Wives” for me.

ID: 827024

24. Drab: Matching fur-coated couple


ID: 827081

25. Fab: Little kid in a big coat

Honestly the best dressed child at Sundance. Very novo chic rock. Whatever that means.

ID: 827084

26. Drab: The guy that wore two different colored Crocs

Nope. Nope. Nope. Bye!

ID: 827085

Note: I know absolutely nothing about fashion.

ID: 827704

And all photos by me.

ID: 827858

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