The 14 Commandments Of New York

Live by the rules the HBIC has laid out for us.

2. I

ID: 847542

3. You shall never, ever apologize.

You are always right. Always. No matter what, especially if some bitch like Pumkin tries to cross you.

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4. II

ID: 847543

5. You shall never let a bitch talk her mouth off, especially if untrue, which is always the case.

Similar to Commandment I.

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6. III

ID: 847545

7. You shall never let a bitch get away with saying she looks like Beyonce when she looks absolutely nothing like her.

This is your truth.

ID: 845345

8. IV

ID: 847548

9. You shall live with it.

This is also your truth.

ID: 845336

10. V

ID: 847550

11. You shall bear false witness against thy neighbor.

In order to get ahead, you may have to lie and accuse someone else of something they never did.

ID: 845323

12. VI

ID: 847551

13. You shall ALWAYS be fabulous.

You are the vision of beauty.

ID: 845315

Believe it.

ID: 845314

15. VII

ID: 847552

16. You shall tell a bitch she looks like a fucking man and should get a a facelift for her crows feet if need be.

Another commandement aimed at Pumkin.

ID: 845316

17. VIII

ID: 847555

18. You shall never be afraid to spit in the face of someone who has crossed you.

Again, this is for Pumkin.

ID: 845328

19. IX

ID: 847558

20. You shall take the high road. All the way to hell. Bitch.

You may spit sometimes, and you might even brawl, but you will always be better than the others. You are on a different level.

ID: 845356

21. X

ID: 847563

22. You shall only date guys who drink a lot.

Alcohol is your life-blood. You need it to survive.

ID: 845358

23. XI

ID: 847626

24. You shall shade with side-eye.

ID: 845359

25. But if you can hair-flip at the same time. Do that.

ID: 845317

26. XII

ID: 847565

27. You shall not give a fuck.

Because fuck everyone and you are the queen.

ID: 845369

28. XIII

ID: 847566

29. You shall threaten to kill, but never actually do it.

Intimidation is key.

ID: 845373

Last, but most importantly:

ID: 845384

31. XIV

ID: 847643

32. You shall not have any other “Head Bitches” besides me.

ID: 845360

33. Obey thy leader or else you will get your mother fucking ass beat.

ID: 845379

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