The 30 Most Portland Things That Have Ever Happened In Portland

Turns out it’s just like the show.

1. A poop vandal terrorized the stop signs downtown:

ID: 803101

2. Someone locked their Hula-Hoop to a bike rack:

ID: 915730

3. A man with a Darth Vader mask unicycled down the street while playing bagpipes:

ID: 915702

4. That same guy unicycled down the street in a flood dressed as Gandalf:

ID: 915668

5. Someone stole a large blue gorilla wearing gold shorts:

ID: 803120

6. “Trek in the Park” happened:

ID: 915664

7. Bacon Mondays:

ID: 915707

8. A woman took her pet parrot through the McDonald’s drive-through.

ID: 915728

9. Service cats:

ID: 915932

10. The LARP club was established:

ID: 915735

11. This was a news story:

ID: 915675

12. Also this:

ID: 915630

13. A man chilled with his alpaca on the side of the street:

ID: 915752

14. Someone found a chicken:

ID: 915955

15. Someone else was missing a chicken:

ID: 803124

16. Two guys decided to knit together while waiting for a plane:

ID: 915756

17. Someone sold their drag queen kit at a garage sale:

ID: 915787

18. Two jellyfish closed down a street:

ID: 915794

19. A woman covered her entire body in leaves:

ID: 915786

20. A baby was stolen:

ID: 915797

21. Another person locked up their Hula-Hoop:


ID: 915799

22. Some asshole broke a tree and then someone tacked this note to it:

ID: 915806

23. The “PoeTree”:

ID: 915813

24. “Birds on Things”:

ID: 915812

And to finish up quickly…

ID: 915917

25. This happened:

ID: 803104

26. So did this:

ID: 915645

27. This:

ID: 803094

28. Can’t forget about this:

ID: 915692

29. This too:

ID: 915695

30. THE END.

Vegan Free-Range Christmas Trees for all, and to all a good night!

ID: 915755

Note: Some list items were swapped.

ID: 917017

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