The 25 Most Embarrassing Destiny’s Child Coordinated Looks

Blame Tina.

If you didn’t already know, Tina Knowles was Destiny’s Child’s stylist for most of their career. Tina is Beyonce’s mom. Tina is to blame.

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25. The time they wore various white pieces of clothing and Beyonce wore a beret

ID: 803447

24. The time they wore American flag bellbottoms

ID: 803450

A closeup showing the detail put into the bellbottoms.

ID: 803449

23. The time they wore orange-colored fringe and Michelle had to wear the poncho

ID: 803452

22. The time they dressed as cowgirls that wore royal blue and Kelly didn’t get a hat

ID: 803455

21. The time Tina needed to get rid of silk blankets and decided to make some clothes out of them

ID: 803493

20. The time they dressed like mermaids

ID: 803459

19. The time they dressed like genies

ID: 807370

18. The time they went “dominatrix-goth”

ID: 803465

17. The time they wore banana-colored tiered ruffled skirts

ID: 803466

16. The time they wore various red things and Farrah didn’t get any bling because she was going to be kicked out of the group soon

ID: 803468

15. The time half of them wore mango-colored pants

ID: 807460

14. The time they wore see-through jewel-encrusted bustiers

ID: 803470

13. The time Tina was inspired by bacon

ID: 803478

12. The time they wore purple outfits with belly cutouts

ID: 807372

11. The time they wore knee-high boots and denim tops and Beyonce wore an aligator skirt

ID: 803496

10. The time Tina was inspired by swans?

ID: 807367

9. The time they wore black lace with yellow blobs

This one is actually kind of like art. The lace goes all the way down. Tina really had a vision with this one.

ID: 807445

8. The three times they dress liked this…

ID: 807368

6. The hands in this one…

…too much.

ID: 807369

5. The time Tommy Hilfiger made them wear this

ID: 807449

4. The time they went to Disney World wearing this

Bonus points for the giant beach ball.

ID: 807430

3. The time they wore yellow lace and made Kelly wear a big flap of denim

Poor Kelly : (

ID: 807462

2. The time Kelly went rogue

ID: 803448

1. The time they dressed up as “sexy Boy Scouts” to the Kids’ Choice Awards

ID: 803456

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