The 20 Most Fabulous Dogs At Sundance

As usual, all the big names came out to Sundance for a week of free stuff and movies. Here’s who I caught up with on Main Street in Park City.

20. Roxie

Roxie shows off her navy blue cloak outside a The Pizza Noodle Shop on Main Street in Park City, Utah.

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Roxie reportedly caused a scene inside the Burton swag suite when she refused to have her picture taken with a snowboard, but according to her, “the incident was totally overblown.”

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19. Sasha

Sasha could not be less interested when I caught up with her on Main.

ID: 824927

Those close to her say that one time on Animal Planet (seriously, she was on Animal Planet) has really gone to her head.

ID: 824930

I only got those two shots before she howled me away.

ID: 824928

18. Tess

Not normally pictured in public, this is the only shot I got of Tess. The notoriously reclusive star quickly shuffled into the Olive Oil store.

ID: 824920

17. Luna

The more amiable sister of Sasha, Luna was, as usual, a joy to photograph.

ID: 824932

She is reportedly close to signing a development deal with Paramount, which could explain this particularly big smile.

ID: 824933

16. Reilly

Reilly was keeping a low profile in Park City, and I believe these are the only pictures we have of her on Main.

ID: 824936

The pink leash is one of the louder statements we’ve seen from her in recent memory.

ID: 824937

15. Sundance

I love Sundance. As usual, she gave me a great photo op next to a fire hydrant. She even allowed me to picture her with her little human.

ID: 824938

14. Nikki

With her stunning beautiful blue eyes, Nikki worked the camera hard.

ID: 824939

Such a ham.

ID: 824941

13. Reggie

Reggie wasn’t too thrilled to see the cameras, but in typical Reggie fashion, she dealt with it.

ID: 824946

She gave photographers their photo and then quickly moved along to the Samsung Digital Lounge.

ID: 824948

12. Cooper

Cooper was simply thrilled to see the paparazzi.

ID: 824947

Just kidding about the simply thrilled part. This was the only decent shot that came out. His fans always ask me why he is so hard to photograph. I think they need to ask him.

ID: 824952

11. Grizzly

This was the only picture Grizzly let me keep.

ID: 824956

I had probably five more shots, but then he came at me, took my camera, and deleted the ones that “didn’t show his good side.”

ID: 824950

10. Boomer

The usually fresh-faced Boomer had seen better days on Main. According to him, he was “cold,” but we all know that it probably had something to do with his recent breakup with Teena Marie.

ID: 824966

9. Putter

Does Putter hate the camera or what?

ID: 824969

The young actress is nearly impossible to photograph. Hopefully with age, she’ll come out of her shell.

ID: 824972

8. Cody

Cody was catching a quick bite to eat at Cafe Terigo when I caught up with him.

ID: 824974

The 7-year-old heartthrob was in town for the premiere of his new documentary Butts. Critics are wondering if Cody can successfully make the transition from actor to director with this latest venture.

ID: 824975

7. Mya

Little Mya! As usual it was an absolute delight seeing her. The pink coat is absolutely darling on her.

ID: 824978

6. Levi

Levi was, at the least, not enthused by the paparazzi pack outside the Egyptian Theater.

ID: 824983

But because he is not a dick, he quickly snapped into “camera-ready” mode. He is reportedly covering Men’s Health later this month.

ID: 824986

5. Wilber

The feistiest celeb in Park City, was as usual, rowdy.

ID: 824985

He had reportedly been drinking in the Stella Artois suite, which could explain his hostile mood.

ID: 824991

4. Cooper

I only got one picture of Cooper.

ID: 824989

His handler quickly covered his face after seeing me. I’m not really sure why; he really has been looking good lately.

ID: 824988

3. Moose

Everyone couldn’t get enough of “The Big Bear.” You couldn’t miss him on Main, not only because of his size, but because of the crowd that hung around him.

ID: 824993

Moose did his signature “extended tongue” move, driving the crowd even more crazy. Such a sweetheart.

ID: 824997

2. Mila

Hollywood’s It girl didn’t disappoint. Looking fresh-faced, she kindly stopped for pictures and autographs with all of her adoring fans.

ID: 824996

1. Ricky

This is the shot everyone was talking about at Sundance. What was Ricky doing in public? He hasn’t been seen in years. Fans are hoping this is a sign of a long-awaited film comeback.

ID: 826973

All photos by me.

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