The 16 Most Memorable Pope Wardrobe Malfunctions

Who could ever forget any of these unfortunate happenings?

16. March 2012: Cape-Slapped at the Vatican


What a bummer! He was having such a good service until his cape decided to slap him square in the face.

ID: 884556

15. June 2012: The Milan Mega-Flop

Stefano Rellandini / Reuters

Both hat and cape had a mind of their own on that awkward June day.

ID: 884420

The Holy Spirit was not having it!

ID: 884464

14. September 2012: The St. Pete’s Square Stroke of Bad Luck

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Oh, dear Lord. Who could forget when Papa B’s cape blew up into his face at St. Petersburg Square?

ID: 884418
Gregorio Borgia / AP

Luckily, total disaster was averted when Monsignor Georg Gaenswein’s hand saved the day.

ID: 884419

13. April 2012: Whiteout 2012

Max Rossi / Reuters

This was bad. The pope was reportedly unable to see for a couple of seconds.

ID: 884422

12. March 2012: The Havana Happening

ESTEBAN FELIX / Getty Images

Blinded yet again, this time was particularly personal as members of his Cuban entourage laughed in the background. How embarrassing!

ID: 884425

11. September 2010: Deuces Wild

Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images

Pope Benedict played it it cool through this unfortunate malfunction by throwing up a “peace” symbol.

ID: 884428
Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images

But things got worse.

ID: 884430
Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images

: 0

ID: 884431
Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images


ID: 884433

10. September 2007: The Austrian Accident

Johannes Simon / Getty Images

The pope always dresses up in Austria, and this September day in Vienna was no exception.

ID: 884434

But nope. The cape was not cooperating.

ID: 884440

9. May 2012: Pointed Problems


No idea what was happening that day, but one thing I can tell you is that the cape IS NOT supposed to do that! WTF, cape?!

ID: 884521

8. September 2011: The Berlin Blow


Right in the kicker! Thankfully, the pope was able to recover fairly quickly after this one. Unfortunately, the paparazzi sees all!

ID: 884441

7. June 2007: The Italian Cliffhanger


So close! Everyone in Assisi was wondering if the cape would blow over or not.

ID: 884447

Big props to the guy on cape duty that day.

ID: 884446

6. March 2012: The Cuban Crisis


Love the way he handled this one. The pope escaped this unfortunate debacle with only a few snickers. The man is a pro.

ID: 884463

5. September 2011: The Awkward Arrival


Oh man. We’ve all been there. You know, when you meet someone new and your outfit totally isn’t working out that day. I feel you, Pope.

ID: 884489

4. June 2011: Double Disaster

TWO members of the Pope Posse couldn’t stop this from happening. Ugh!

ID: 884661

3. June 2011: Just One of Them Days (Don’t Take It Personal)


It was a day only the great Monica could understand.

ID: 884495

2. June 2012: The Face-Mask Fiasco


Mother of Pearl! The pope’s face in this picture sums up that day.

ID: 884511


ID: 884525

Just completely exhausting.

ID: 884513

1. October 2010: Hat-Winked


Toodle-oo, hat! It just wouldn’t stick that day.

ID: 884499

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