• 1. Jamie Foxx At The BET Awards

    Not good BET.

  • 2. Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter Tribute

    Posted to her Twitter with the caption: “MJ was playing when this was taken, I’m not that much of narcissist.”

  • 3. Ron Artest’s Michael Jackson Rap

    This sounds great.

  • 4. Corey Feldman At The Michael Jackson Memorial

    This was a good idea.

  • 5. Madonna’s Concert “Dance”

    This was really special.

  • 6. The Iowa State Fair’s MJ Butter Sculpture

    What better way to honor the King of Pop than with a sculpture made of butter.

  • 7. CFL Wide Receiver’s Touchdown Tribute

    This really gave some credibility to the Canadian Football League

  • 8. Ashlee Simpson’s Covers Album Announcement

    Ashlee Simpson is rumored to be releasing an album composed entirely of Michael Jackson covers. Can’t wait for this one.

  • 9. The Filipino Inmates

    This wasn’t anywhere near as good as their “Thriller” tribute. It kinda sucked.

  • 10. Ken Griffey Jr’s One Glove

    Ken Griffey Jr. said he was going to honor Michael Jackson by wearing one white batting glove in his first at-bat, and everyone thought he was kidding. Well, he wasn’t.