• 1. These cellphone pictures

  • 2. The cover of his hip hop gospel album

  • 3. His relationship with George W. Bush

    Long was a prominent supporter of George W. Bush’s faith-based initiatives. His ministry received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Administration of Children & Families.

  • 4. His giant house paid for with charity donations


  • 5. His expensive cars paid for with charity donations

    He also owns a $350,000 Bentley. Source.

  • 6. His views on homosexuality

  • 7. His “Spiritual Sons” program

    Eddie Long recruited his victims through a group he started called the Spiritual Sons program. Spiritual Sons were taken on public and private jets to U.S. and international destinations, housed in luxury hotels and given access to numerous celebrities including entertainment stars and politicians. Source.

  • 8. The allegations against him

    This is a first hand account of what Eddie Long did to his victims.

  • 9. His pseudonym, Dick Tracy

    When Eddie Long would take boys on trips, he would register hotels and accommodations under the pseudonym, Dick Tracy.

  • 10. His sermons from an iPad

    Eddie Long really loves his iPad.