Super Hot Trend: Blinged Out Republican Mom Swag

It’s everywhere.

1. Come on into the conventions. First stop, the Official Romney Ryan store.

ID: 553531

2. Where they sell a lot of mom swag.

ID: 552185

3. There’s lots of this…

ID: 552360


ID: 552183

A mom bling shirt.

ID: 553261

See. Here’s proof: a woman checking out some bling.

ID: 552168

7. The pins are also INCREDIBLY popular.

ID: 553263

8. But A LOT of people have their own personal custom made bling.

Like this watch bling.

ID: 552160

This belt was legit swarovski crystals. The lady wanted me to know that.

ID: 552167

Love the little detail of the bling in the star.

ID: 552165

Eagle bling.

ID: 552166

Jester bling.

ID: 552171

North Dakota bling.

ID: 552174

Jan Brewer is hot on the trend as well!

ID: 552175

Yes, these are sequins so they’re technically not bling. But still swag.

ID: 552176

Bling sunglasses with matching earring bling.

ID: 552161

A purse adorned with bling.

ID: 552177

A delegate from Texas shows me her bling.

ID: 552178

Cellphone bling.

ID: 552179

Sparkle star bling.

ID: 552181

A blinging blue shirt bling.

ID: 552182

These Romney lanyards are really popular bling.

ID: 552173

NObama bling.

ID: 553251

Business card holder bling.

ID: 553252

Simple, classy bling.

ID: 553253

Elephant bling.

ID: 553254

Ankle bling.

ID: 553258

Wrist bling.

ID: 553259

Bad pic, but those earrings were practically twinkling bling.

ID: 553260

More elephant bling.

ID: 553468

54% of eligible voters are women bling.

ID: 553469

And last but not least, this multi-colored elephant bracelet thing bling.

ID: 553467

All photos by Matt Stopera. By the way, the mom swag bling is def fab. Not drab.

ID: 553569

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