The Nick Jonas Bulge Picture Is Fake, But Don’t You Worry! The Real Version Is Still Pretty Great

BuzzFeed reports.

1. Attn. Attn. #teamthirst and people who take great pleasure in spotting a rogue celebrity bulge, as BuzzFeed’s resident dick detective and penis P.I. I am here to bring you the truth and sometimes that truth isn’t always what you want it to be.

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2. Earlier this week, The Gaily Grind posted a significantly hefty picture of Nick Jonas’ bulge.

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3. I was immediately in awe, in all my years as the bulge bloodhound it’s quite rare to see bulge quite this fleshy.

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4. But that’s when I knew something was up. I did some research, aka Google searches and came up with the receipts.

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5. After some conclusive staring, it appears that Nick Jonas’ bulge isn’t that big.

Splash News
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6. Don’t get me wrong, we still have dick definition, but it’s not that crystal cocking clear.

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7. This bulge has been…

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8. But who cares, he was more of an ass guy anway.

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