56 Situations Where Andrew Lincoln Looks Absolutely Charming

Walking Dead starts in less than 2 weeks! Let’s all get excited by looking at these pictures of Andrew Lincoln.

1. When he’s covered in blood.

ID: 624983

2. When he opens his mouth just slightly as if he is surprised.

ID: 624985

3. When he is sitting on the floor, wearing the number 3, and photographed from above.

ID: 625298

4. When he’s sucking on a rubberband.

ID: 624988

5. When he’s against a wall and the sun is setting and his veins are popping out of his arms.

ID: 624996

6. When he is hanging from a fan.

ID: 625297

7. When he is hanging out next to a fireplace barefoot.

ID: 625473

8. When he is pointing a gun at your face.

ID: 625002

9. When he thinks.

ID: 625027

10. When he looks like this and is quoted saying the word “twat”.

ID: 625299

11. When he admits that he can be “seriously sexy” and poses crouched down with his hand on his shoulder.

ID: 625300

12. When he escapes from a pile of zombies.

ID: 625017

13. When he kind of looks like a lesbian.

ID: 625307

14. When he sits at the bedside of his dying son.

ID: 625030

15. When he takes a casual stroll with a fire extinguisher that is exploding.

ID: 625040

16. When his undershirts are too big for his real, actual shirts.

ID: 625295

17. When he scales brick walls.

ID: 625043

18. When he is sweaty and dirty.

ID: 625013

19. When he has a mustache.

ID: 625301

20. When he is sitting in bed next to an older man and a stuffed bear holding a bouquet of roses.

ID: 625303

21. When he calls himself “the egg man”.

ID: 625304

22. When he is in a coma.

ID: 625406

23. When he puts his feet on the couch.

ID: 625306

24. When he is having a snowball fight with fake snowballs.

ID: 625308

25. When he is holding an axe.

ID: 625309

26. When he poses seductively on a couch with his hands behind his head while wearing baggy jeans.

ID: 625296

27. When he is serious.

ID: 625393

28. When he jumps from a tank, in the middle of a city, while being chased by a shitload of zombies.

ID: 625394

29. When he’s about to answer a question.

ID: 625395

30. When he wears glasses.

ID: 625397

31. When he uses his hands to explain something.

ID: 625398

32. When he sits on the back of a car, takes off his socks and shoes, and looks up.

ID: 625399

33. When he is sitting on the back of a car without his shoes on and looks through the rear windshield.

ID: 625400

34. When he is crouching on the ground, giving stink face, and holding a gun.

ID: 625401

35. When he is bored.

ID: 625403

36. When he was in Love Actually.

ID: 625408

37. When he stands alone in front of pools.

ID: 625409

38. When he gets crazy eyes.

ID: 625410

39. When he is about to get wrecked by a shovel.

ID: 625412

40. When he pretends that he got “caught” doing crunches.

ID: 625447

41. When he sits in a leather chair and puts his hand on his head.

ID: 625448

42. When he sits in a red leather chair and puts his hand on his head.

ID: 625468

43. When he is on a roof in a glass room.

ID: 625449

44. When he wears really baggy jeans.

ID: 625450

45. When he thought this was stylish.

ID: 625452

46. When he thought this was stylish.

ID: 625470

47. When he buttons his jacket.

ID: 625457

48. When he sits on stools.

ID: 625458

49. When he points.

ID: 625461

50. When he is blurry.

ID: 625463

51. When someone is trying to kill him.

ID: 625464

52. When motorcycles fall on him.

ID: 625472

53. When he falls down and is photographed.

ID: 625471

54. When he poses like this.

ID: 625477

55. When he is covered in ladies.

ID: 625478

56. And, lastly, even when his hair looked like this!

ID: 625465

Most pictures from the Andrew Lincoln Pictures Facebook group.

ID: 625578

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