26 Signs You Should Probably Get Off Of Facebook

If you can relate to any of these people then you should probably get off of Facebook immediately.

1. You’ve just gotten into a car accident:

ID: 190280

2. You’re robbing a house:

In November 2011, this guy signed into Facebook from a computer inside a home he broke into before sprinting from the scene. Unfortunately, he forgot to logout before he left.

ID: 194868

3. You’re trying to sleep:

ID: 190296

4. You miss MySpace:

ID: 190369

5. You really miss MySpace:

ID: 208752

6. You really really really miss MySpace:

ID: 208733

7. You just got caught masturbating on a plane:

ID: 190371

8. You’re asking for dating advice:

ID: 190452

9. You’re posting shit like this:

ID: 190487

10. You have a birds nest in your closet:

ID: 190496

11. You’re holding someone hostage:

Jason Valdez held a woman hostage for 16 hours in a hotel room in Utah and basically live-blogged the entire thing on Facebook.

ID: 194872

12. You stepped on some glass:

ID: 190532

13. Your father just died:

ID: 192998

14. Your friend is passed out drunk in the snow:

ID: 193001

15. You just broke your neck:

ID: 193071

16. You’re on the toilet:

ID: 193132

17. You’re on the toilet and need toilet paper:

ID: 193270

18. You’re with someone you’re Facebook friends with:

ID: 193170

19. You are this lady:

ID: 193302

20. Your house is on fire:

ID: 193359

21. You just stole someone’s phone:

This man broke into someone’s car and stole their cellphone.

According to police, “The suspect apparently took a picture of himself on the victim’s phone, and due to her settings, it automatically uploaded to her Facebook page.”

He was caught shortly after.

ID: 194900

22. You’re in a public restroom:

ID: 195141

23. You just had sex:

ID: 208758

24. You just burned your vagina:

ID: 195207

25. You’re leaving completely pointless comments:

ID: 195394

26. You’re sniffing gasoline:

ID: 195187

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