11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Eat A Horse

Have you heard the horrible news?!?! Horse meat might be made legal to eat in the US again. So, here are 11 very important reasons why you should NEVER eat a horse! posted on

9. Some of them are nuns:

You can’t kill nuns!

8. They are master photobombers:

7. They can save you during a zombie apocalypse:

Horses are easy to maneuver through abandon car traffic jams. They are also easy, relative to cars, to re-fuel with lots of readily available food sources. Unlike gassing up a car, you aren’t limited to gas stations where there is likely to be lots of debris and rotting corpses.

6. They are the second best form of transportation when going through a drive-thru:

5. Their smiles:

Aw, horse smiles are the sweetest.

4. Their teeth:

Would you really want to eat an animal with teeth like this?

3. What this girl says:


2. Some of them have funny hairstyles:

1. You can ride them places!!!!

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