IMPORTANT QUESTION: Has A Bulldog Made You Smile Today?

If a bulldog hasn’t made you smile today then you should probably look at this right now.

24. I am sincerely sorry, but you are about to look at 24 photos of English bulldogs.

ID: 1323707

23. Two of them are sleeping.

ID: 1322850

22. One of them is bathing.

ID: 1323554

21. Some of them are cuddling stuffed animals in blue hoodies.

ID: 1323722

20. Some of them are cuddling stuffed animals without their blue hoodies.

ID: 1323728

19. Some of them are smaller than the stuffed animals they are cuddling.

ID: 1323978

18. Some of them are perfect little nuggets.

ID: 1323582

17. Some of them are mad at you for scrolling too quickly.

ID: 1323055


ID: 1323581

15. Some of them have full-time gigs as mannies.

ID: 1323638

14. Some of them are big brothers.

ID: 1323792

13. Some of them are big sisters.

ID: 1323976

12. Some of them operate heavy machinery.

ID: 1323796

11. Some of them refuse to tell anyone how old they are because they have issues with aging.

ID: 1323804

10. Some of them are really glam and into flashy jewelry.

ID: 1323828

9. Some of them believe in positive reinforcement.

ID: 1323835

8. Some of them appear to be too cute to be real.

ID: 1323851

7. Some of them wear fedoras while vacationing in the tropics.

ID: 1323965

6. Some of them are too lazy to get up.

ID: 1323972

5. Some of them just like to sit and stare.

ID: 1323983

4. Some of them hate when you take their picture.

ID: 1323992

3. Some of them are a little too obsessed with Toy Story.

ID: 1324005

2. Some of them are into heavy petting.

ID: 1324010

1. And some of them are too cute for their own good.

ID: 1323658

And there you have it.

Now when someone asks you: “Has a bulldog made you smile today?” You can say: “HECK YES THEY HAVE.”

ID: 1324420

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