Proof That Pugs Make Literally Everything 100 Times Better

This is a science experiment.

Hypothesis: The pug version of basically everything is better than any other version.

Here is my research collected thus far:

1. Paula Deen:

Carlo Allegri, File / AP

4. An apple picking pug:

5. A man in a moose costume:

6. A pug in a moose costume:

7. A man and a birthday cake:

8. A pug and a birthday cake:

9. Taking a bath in a bucket:

10. A pug taking a bath in a bucket:

11. Some bro with a backwards hat:

12. A pug bro with a backwards hat:

13. The Avengers:


14. The pug Avengers:

16. Pug high fives:

17. A man sticking his tongue out:

18. A pug sticking his tongue out:

21. The Little Mermaid:


24. A cleaning crew consisting of pugs:

25. A woman who just got caught looking at porn:

26. A pug who just got caught looking at porn:

29. A human that is disgusted:

30. A pug that is disgusted:

33. 3 humans wrapped in a towel:

34. A pug wrapped in a towel:

35. A man with a bad toupee:

36. A pug with a bad toupee:

38. A pug skateboarding:

40. A pug beach wedding:

41. A man in a food coma:

42. A pug in a food coma:

43. Construction work:

44. A pug doing construction work:

45. Humans at a renaissance faires:

46. A pug at a Renaissance faire:

48. Pug Trader Joe’s employees:

That’s all the research I’ve compiled so far. Please add other examples in the comments. Thank you. It’s for the benefit of mankind and science.

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