49 Powerful Living Arguments In Favor Of Gay Marriage

All of the following photos were taken outside of the Supreme Court over the past two days during the DOMA and Prop 8 arguments. Basically, here’s what everyone outside of the Supreme Court was fighting for.

1. This man who can’t be with his husband:

2. This woman who can’t be with her wife:

3. This couple that might have to move to Sweden:

4. All of the kids.

9. Especially this one because LOOK HOW CUTE.

10. All of the older kids who turned out just fine.

14. All of the families.

17. All of the couples.

25. Especially this one that spent their would be 31st anniversary rallying for equal rights:

26. All of the arguments on these signs.

44. All of the people there for someone else, like this teacher there for her students:

45. Or this woman there for her sister:

46. Because this statistic is too hard to ignore:

47. And believing in god doesn’t mean you don’t believe in equality:

48. The Queen approves:

49. And no matter the outcome, this will not be the end.

All photos taken by me.

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