11 People Whose Lives Were Destroyed By Marijuana

Heed the warnings, people! Don’t do it! Please, don’t do it!

1. Marijuana shrunk this boy’s face.

ID: 961785

2. This girl Becky snorted it.. and she died.

ID: 961786

3. Look what it did to Kelly…

ID: 961949

4. This former beauty queen’s post-marijuana transformation is shocking:

ID: 961824

5. And this poor kid turned gay DURING Heterosexual Awareness Week:

Such bad timing.

ID: 961840

6. This girl’s mother DIED IN 16 DAYS because of marijuana!

ID: 961908

7. Nick Nolte turned into Macaulay Culkin.

ID: 961867

8. This really successful businessman also died.

ID: 961971

9. This girl dreamed of being an accountant, then she found weed. Look what happened:

ID: 961915

10. Famous baseball player, Shaun White:

ID: 961798

11. And even Drake!

ID: 961917

Please. I BEG YOU. Follow Concerned Mom on Twitter. She is behind this very important movement. Listen to her wisdom!

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And remember:

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