Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Being Awesome Dads

I can’t handle how cute and perfect these two are. What a beautiful family.

1. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have been together for over 8 years.

NPH told Out Magazine: “I initially fell for David harder than he fell for me. I was in love with him before he was comfortable saying it, and I think that speaks to our past experiences. I remember saying, “I think I love you,” and he was like, “That’s really nice,” which is not necessarily what you want to hear. But I appreciated his honesty in not jumping the gun and saying something because he felt obliged to.”

You can read the whole Out Magazine story here.

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In August 2010 NPH announced the birth of their twins Harper and Gideon via, of all things, Twitter.

ID: 368363

In October he posted a picture of them on Twitter.

ID: 368365


ID: 367434

7. Here they are!

ID: 367280

9. And here they are wearing little hats.

ID: 367344

10. More little hats.

ID: 367183

11. They love little hats.

ID: 367939

12. Costumes!

ID: 367547

14. Catching taxis.

ID: 367390

16. Being cute.

ID: 367940

18. So so cute.

ID: 367263

19. The best part of all of it is NPH’s parenting tweets:

ID: 367165

23. But forreal the best part is just pictures of them being cute:

ID: 367555


ID: 367176

And look how in love they still are.

ID: 368375

33. Oh yeah, here’s their dog Watson. He’s important too.

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