My Night At Michele Bachmann’s Headquarters

Ever wonder what it looks like inside Michele Bachmann’s Iowa headquarters? Well, I found out for you. Here are some of my pictures and things I noticed.

Last night, Michele Bachmann hosted a Countdown to Caucus event at her headquarters in Urbandale, Iowa. She spoke for about a minute and then they played “Hey Soul Sister” 3 times in a row.

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“We are going to see a miracle tomorrow because we know the one that makes them!” - Michele

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There were a bunch of families there.

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6. And into the headquarters I go…

This is the first thing you see when go inside, it’s a giant secure our borders signed bill.

ID: 67090

And then you walk towards the giant Michele Bachmann painting.

ID: 67107

The same guy who was at the Rick Santorum events a couple days before with his book “The New Democrat” was at this rally. I’m pretty sure he sold more books at this stop than any Rick Santorum event combined.

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In the back there was one TV playing Fox News.

ID: 66924

There were a dozen or so little offices. This picture was taped up on one.

ID: 66933

There were some really nice kids from a college in Oklahoma working on some computers.

ID: 66937

These banners were draped all over.

ID: 66936

There were a bunch of things taped on the wall.

ID: 66932

There was pizza and BBQ chips.

ID: 66940

Also an iPad.

ID: 66948

And incentives.

ID: 66959

There were probably about 30 people hanging out inside.

I overheard someone say: “We have a lot of courts trying to institute Sharia Law. They stoned a woman in Toronto and didn’t do anything about it.”

ID: 66961

They used a bunch of pre-paid cellphones to make their phone calls to prospective voters.

ID: 66964

Here’s a Michele Bachmann call sheet.

ID: 66970

“I haven’t had my coffee yet don’t make me kill you”

ID: 67092

And last but not least, here’s a picture of one of the kids checking out BuzzFeed!

ID: 66926

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