Mitt Romney In 3 Words

I asked 30 DNC delegates from around the country to describe Mitt Romney in 3 words. Here’s what they said. Also, add your own in the comments if you’d like.

1. “Too dang rich”

Pete, Wyoming

2. “Uptight, phony, mannequin”

Jenny, Michigan

3. “Rich, self-absorbed, Mormon”

Barb, Michigan

4. “Not for workers”

Dennis, Oklahoma

5. “Inconsistent, insecure, inadequate”

Vernin, Florida

6. “Oh my God”

Marilynn, Texas

7. “Deceptive, hairspray, two-faced”

Keisha, Texas

8. “Sheriff of Nottingham”

Tiffany, Oklahoma

9. “Bland, stiff, inaccurate”

Michelle, Florida

10. “A little spaced-out”

Peggy, California

11. “Boring, aloof, backwards”

Raymond, Tennessee

12. “Aimless, insecure, (a) challenge”

George, Florida

13. “Dishonest, slippery, sleazy”

Dennis, Pennsylvania

14. “Out of touch”

Phil, Missouri

15. “The empty suit”

Wayne, Florida

16. “Truth is optional”

Sue, Oregon

17. “Liar, liar, liar”

Karen, Maryland

18. “Wealthy, empty shirt”

Ethel, Texas

19. “Bad, bad man”

Olivia, California

20. “Robot favoring rich”

Alex, New York

21. “Distrustful, egotistical, tunnel-vision”

Johnnie, Tennessee

22. “Untrustworthy, uninformed, disastrous”

Sandy, California

23. “Full of baloney”

Abdus, New York

24. “Will say anything”

Jeremy, Michigan

25. “Can’t explain that”

Renee, Texas

26. “Stiff, liar, useless”

Dottie, Hawaii

27. “Un-relatable, rich dude”

Daphne, California

28. “Rich, indifferent, liar”

Joe, Texas

29. “Greedy, selfish man”

Gwyneth, Chicago

30. “Doesn’t get it”

Arvind, Connecticut

All photos by Matt Stopera

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