21 Essential Items For Women Found At The NRA Convention

Gun bras!!!

The lady gun market was hotter than ever at the NRA convention. And how do you make a gun stuff for ladies?

ID: 1138913

You make it pink!

ID: 1138942

21. First off, we have this iPhone taser.

It also chargers your phone at the same time.

ID: 1138941

20. A “chicks dig deep conceal” poster.

ID: 1138906

19. A gun holster for over your boobs.

ID: 1138903

18. A gun holster for under your boobs.

ID: 1138936

17. A “crush girl” bracelet.

ID: 1138907

16. A rhinestone fedora with waist-belt gun holster.

Perfect for the jazz club gun enthusiast.

ID: 1138902

15. Something that says “shoot like a girl” on it.

It’s basically the official motto of the NRA ladies.

ID: 1138910

14. Pink handguns.

ID: 1138911

PRO-TIP: Lady guns cost significantly more than their male counterparts even though they have the same specs.

In this case $352 for the pink one vs. $199 for the black one.

ID: 1138938

13. Denim.

ID: 1138914

12. Hats.

ID: 1138916

11. Pink camo.

Perfect for blending in at a baby shower.

ID: 1138918

10. More pink guns.

ID: 1138920

9. This shirt.

ID: 1138921

8. A “Sex In The City” inspired purse.

ID: 1138923


ID: 1138924

7. A Muddy Girl rifle.

ID: 1138926

6. African elephant hair jewelry, of course.

ID: 1139391

5. This book.

ID: 1138927

4. Stickers.

ID: 1138928

3. Purses with flair.

ID: 1138931

You probably want the grey one.

ID: 1138932

Or the pink one.

ID: 1138933

Or you know what? All of them!

ID: 1138934

2. Machine gun casing necklaces.

ID: 1138940

1. And last but not least, my absolute favorite: the Blingsting.

ID: 1138943

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