32 Important Lessons Learned On Facebook

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot of really important things on Facebook.

1. This is a lobster:

ID: 190867

2. There is a difference between an escalator and an elevator:

ID: 192974

3. JFK is a former president:

ID: 190874

4. The US did not bomb Labia:

ID: 195270

5. The Titanic really sank:

ID: 193011

6. 31/7 is not a time:

ID: 193013

7. IDK means I Don’t Know:

ID: 193021

8. You shouldn’t rob a bank in the same clothes you’re wearing in your profile picture:

The FBI charged a man with robbing five Detroit-area banks after investigators matched him to photos on Facebook. The robber was wearing the same clothes in his profile pictures as he was when he was robbing the banks.

ID: 194959

9. That’s snow:

ID: 193022

10. Facebook is not Google:

ID: 193092

11. You should never post a picture of your new credit card:

ID: 193095

12. You shouldn’t be a dick to your cab driver:

ID: 194888

13. Frogs do not evaporate:

ID: 193137

14. Facebook is not the best place for bomb threats:

Tigo Arrington brought attention to himself by posting an implied threat to police on Facebook. When police went to investigate the threat, they found child porn on his computer and he was arrested.

ID: 195135

15. New York is in America:

ID: 193142

16. That’s a shoe:

ID: 193156

17. Facebook will NOT block out your password if you type it in a status:

ID: 193200

18. The moon is not the earth:

ID: 195172

19. You should never post a picture of your baby with your bong on Facebook:

In February 2011, a mom was arrested for posting pictures of her baby and a bong on Facebook.

ID: 195128

20. Commas are important:

ID: 193235

21. Dogs are color blind:

ID: 193246

22. Sometimes you have to accept others because they mean a lot to your best friends:

ID: 193263

23. Facebook is not the right place to hire a hitman:

In August 2011, a woman successfully hired a hitman on Facebook after posting a message that offered $1,000 to anyone who would kill her ex-boyfriend.

ID: 194954

24. Your husband does not look like Justin Bieber:

ID: 195174

25. Romania is a country:

ID: 195211

26. There is a maximum number of times you can change your name on Facebook:

ID: 193286

27. The Civil War was an incredibly important event in US history:

ID: 195309

28. McDonald’s is a good place to find out who your real friends are:

ID: 193313

29. You can’t pay for stuff you buy online by putting your card in the disc drive:

ID: 193320

30. Abraham Lincoln didn’t know what the internet was:

ID: 195118

31. Halloween is not a month:

ID: 193347

32. Shannon might want to edit that caption:

ID: 195256

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