25 Images That Will Turn Your Day Around

The news really sucks lately. Give your mind a quick rest with these pics.

1. Oh, hi.

ID: 675533

2. The last couple weeks have been pretty lousy.

ID: 675614

3. The election is exhausting.

ID: 671895

4. A hurricane wrecked the East Coast.

ID: 675212

5. Daylight Savings Time just happened.

ID: 675145

6. And it’s basically winter.

ID: 675242

7. But chill. It doesn’t have to be that way.

ID: 672060

8. Look at this baby dressed as a sub.

ID: 671978

9. Here’s a puppy in a pocket.

ID: 672053

10. Oh, Mylanta. This cat just popped out of the wall.

ID: 672054

11. A dog went boogie boarding.

ID: 672059

12. And a corgi gave away free kisses.

ID: 671971

13. Some kind, generous soul put this koala in a coffee mug.

ID: 674420

14. A seal smiled.

ID: 675057

15. A kitten laughed.

ID: 675692

16. These two dogs befriended Jackie Chan.

ID: 675065

17. So did this panda.

ID: 675144

18. A teenager named Georgia accidentally amazingly reinvented the “Phantom Of The Opera.”


ID: 675273

19. Rita’s husband was found.

ID: 675277

20. Ha ha ha!! Get it?!

ID: 675428

21. Sorry for that. Here’s a baby and a puppy.

ID: 675333

22. Nicolas Cage as a sexy female bodybuilder.

ID: 675439

23. And Tom Hanks as a pretty lady.

ID: 675502


ID: 675531

25. If not, here’s a dog-man thing.

ID: 675505

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