How To Support American Values

Your guide to freedom!

1. Drive to the closest Chick-Fil-A.

ID: 484557

2. Wait in a really long line.

ID: 484524

3. The longer the better.

ID: 484520

4. Bonus points if it wraps around the store.

ID: 484838

5. While you’re waiting in line you should sing the Chick-Fil-A song.

ID: 484513

6. Say hi to the sisters!

ID: 484509

7. Hi ladies!

ID: 484576

8. Snap a picture with the pro-family protesters.

ID: 484602

9. Get your food. Instagram it obvs.

ID: 484452

10. Post about it on Facebook.

ID: 484457

11. Tweets too.

ID: 484583

12. While you’re on Twitter you should tell DJ from Full House how it was.

ID: 484701

13. You know what? Go crazy. Make an image macro of yourself.

ID: 484510

14. But don’t forget to take a picture with your waffle fries!

ID: 484521

16. Or chicken sandwiches.

(Bonus points for going to church to eat it!)

ID: 484464

17. Or boxes of chicken nuggets.

ID: 484536

18. After that there’s only one thing left to do. Eat up!

ID: 484593

19. Keep on eating! The more you eat, the better!

ID: 484614

20. FREEDOM!!!!!!!

ID: 484722

22. Oops! Almost forgot! Make sure you take some home for your dog.

ID: 484503

23. The end.

ID: 484467

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