• 1. Rainbow Ash

    “My bangs are not THAT long, but you can in fact see through the hair even if it is covering both eyes. I rarely keep my bangs covering both eyes, but I usually always have it covering my left eye. Also, Pete Wentz was not the one who invented this hairstyle. It has been around long before he even became famous.”

  • 2. Dixie

    “Animal abuse is the least of Seabiscuits problems. It’s slow, boring, and overrated. Basically, it’s another silly movie with “Oscar bait” written on its face. There’s no substance. Tobey Maguire was awesome in “Spiderman,” but he ain’t working in this flick.”

  • 3. Midnight Sun

    “I’m tired of the horse whisperer cliche. Good horsemanship was good horsemanship long before we started getting all evangelical about it.”

  • 4. Cappuccino

    “I really don’t understand how I have so many followers. All I do is talk about myself, reblog stuff from other people, quote hipster books, and post things I make when I’m bored.”

  • 5. Bay Bay

    “I would have to say The Godolphin Arabian is the most famous horse, if you are talking about non-mythological modern history, and not TV or movie horses, as The Godolphin Arabian is the foundation of the thoroughbred racing horse brood stock. I also like Mr. Ed.”

  • 6. Butterscotch

    “No, I don’t eat eggs or fish or drink milk. No, I’m not starving… I’m a vegan because I’m a horse.”

  • 7. Snow White

    “I fucking hate Disney.”

  • 8. Todd

    “Wild Horses is probably my favorite Stones song and Susan Boyle’s version just totally did nothing for me. It’s like it totally took out the country vibe and all the raw emotion behind the song and made it into adult contemporary rock.”

  • 9. Precious

    “Black Beauty is not that hot. Really, Black Beauty is just a response to former hipster sex symbol, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke’s horse and friend in Lucky Luke.”

  • 10. Skippy

    “I’m a Pansexual female and I love androgyny.”