Hilary Duff Adorably Deals With Some Random Dude That Wants To Photobomb Her

She’s so cute. I feel like she’s a real-life version of Lizzie McGuire.

1. The story unfolds with our girl Hilary just hanging out drinking a big ole bottle of water.

ID: 797937

2. Our girl Hil crosses the street with said bottle of water.

ID: 797943

3. Oh dear God, our girl Hil spots the paparazzi.

ID: 797942

4. Then BOOM! Some creepy ass guy comes in…

but our girl Hil doesn’t give a fuck.

ID: 797941

5. Fast forward a couple hours or something when she walked away from wherever she was wearing flip flops.

Because that’s what Lizzie would do.

ID: 797938

The End

ID: 797947

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