FYI Hanson Is Still Fine As Hell, Has Great Hair


1. Then:

ID: 1124698

2. Now:

ID: 1124732

3. Taylor = still hot.

ID: 1124720

4. Taylor, please. You’re killing me.

ID: 1124729

5. Isaac, still the adorable older brother. So wise.

ID: 1124730

6. Zac, still goofy. Also best hair.

ID: 1124699

7. Yes. Perfect. Talk to me.

ID: 1124731

8. Now for fun. Hanson then:

“Mmm Bop” duh.

ID: 1124798

9. Hanson now:

They have a new song!

ID: 1124803

10. And because this is BuzzFeed, here’s what the band would look like if Ryan Gosling was a member:

ID: 1125136

11. And this is what Hanson would look like if Taylor was replaced by Ryan Gosling:

ID: 1125143

All photos by Macey J. Foronda.

ID: 1125023

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