For Anyone Who Believes Gerard Piqué Is An Underrated, Beautifully Awesome DILF

This post is for you!

1. Hi! This is a super hot DILF named Gerard Piqué. If you don’t know who he is then I feel sorry for you!

ID: 1047291

2. First of all, he’s hot. Second of all, he plays soccer.

ID: 1047092

3. Shakira owns him, which blows.

ID: 1047077

4. Buuuuut she also gave him a baby which transformed him into a DILF. DILFs are hot.

ID: 1047146

5. Generally, posting ultrasounds is gross and TMI. When Gerard does it it’s adorable.

ID: 1047984

6. Here he is holding his baby and even though his thumb appears to be a baby’s arm… it is still hot.

ID: 1047579

7. Can you stand it?

ID: 1047117

8. *Not able to stand it*

ID: 1047171

9. This is what he looks like naked with a soccer ball bouncing on his knee.

ID: 1046880

10. And this is what he looks like immediately after he falls on the ground.

ID: 1046934

11. He’s always around a bunch of 1/2 naked dudes.

ID: 1046950

12. Which I can totally dig.

ID: 1047337

13. *Digging this photo*

ID: 1047286

14. *Also digging this photo*

ID: 1047336

15. This is what he looks like with a mustache.

ID: 1047072

16. This is what he looks like lifting up a black rain boot.

ID: 1047075

17. This is what he looks like walking in a white net.

ID: 1047276

18. He also knows Elmo.

ID: 1047074

19. He celebrates Chinese New Year.

ID: 1047084

20. He picks his own mushrooms.

ID: 1047335

21. And shockingly looks good in suits.*

*Not actually shocked.

ID: 1047287

22. He models because duh.

ID: 1047175

23. *Duh*

ID: 1047176

24. *Duh again*

ID: 1047272

25. Random note: Even killer whales want a piece.

ID: 1047285

26. Now stretch your neck to the right.

ID: 1047988

27. That feels great.

ID: 1047271

28. Much better!

ID: 1047269

29. Now cry at how ridiculously cute these next two pictures are.

ID: 1047281

30. *Cries*

ID: 1047278

31. Thank you for your time and perfect smile.

ID: 1047382

32. Also your body.

ID: 1047334

33. CALL ME.

ID: 1047283

34. *Goes back to computer and feels sorry about myself*

ID: 1047333

35. You will never be mine…

ID: 1047339

36. Damn you, Shakira.

Damn you.

ID: 1047338

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