29 Guaranteed Ways To Make Your Pet Happy

If your pet is having a rough day then this post is for you!

1. Have a spa day.

2. Take them sledding,

5. swimming,

6. or skateboarding.

7. Do some hugging.

8. Help each other with chores.

Dogs are very good at being vacuumed.

9. Let them sleep in your bed.

10. Have a beer together.

11. Or a glass of wine.

12. Soda’s fine too.

13. Do the crossword puzzle together.

14. Or read their favorite book.

15. Play video games together.

Dogs are partial to Guitar Hero.

16. Dine in.

17. Dine out.

18. Let them borrow the car for once.

19. Play cowboys and indians.

20. Let them Facetime with their friends.

21. Even better, invite their friends over for a party.

22. Take them to see a mini horse.

23. Nap together.

24. Listen to music.

25. Make music.

26. Let them control the remote.

27. Tell each other jokes.

28. Have a heart to heart.

29. Let them know you’ve forgiven their past mistakes.


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