Even Sandy Can’t Stop New Yorkers From Being New Yorkers

New Yorkers are a special breed of people. Here’s how they’ve dealt with the disaster so far.

1. During the storm…

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2. Some lunatic took his WaveRunner out on the Hudson River.

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3. Hipsters snorkeled in Greenpoint.

John Taggart / Via Facebook: jtagg
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4. And people secured their precious bikes up high.

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5. Meanwhile, firefighters came to the rescue.

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7. And hospital workers did too.

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8. The morning after New Yorkers saw the damage.

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10. Some took advantage of the disaster.

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12. While others used the occasion to make an extra buck.

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13. Phones needed to be charged.

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14. And those with power came to the rescue.

ID: 671122

16. There were bikes that charged phones.

ID: 671292

17. And even fire.

ID: 671208

18. But New Yorkers still needed the two things they love the most…

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19. Wi-Fi.

ID: 671153

20. And pizza.

ID: 671149

21. There’s no stopping pizza.

ID: 671227

22. Even in the dark there was pizza.

ID: 671139

23. But in all seriousness, New Yorkers came together.

Allison Joyce / Getty Images
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24. Doctors offered their services free of charge.

ID: 671175

25. People opened their homes.

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26. Restaurants gave away free food.

ID: 671295

27. And people showed their true New York spirit.

ID: 671313

30. So yeah, everyone has had enough.

ID: 671146

32. But stores will open.

ID: 671147

35. Because…

ID: 671134

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