16 Essential Moves For Dancing To An *NSYNC Ballad

Learn. Try. Practice.

All of the following GIFs were taken from this video of *NSYNC performing “This I Promise You” at MTV’s “Snowed In” circa 2000.

Each of the following techniques are tried and tested.

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1. The Gum Sway

How you do it: Sway back and forth to the beat of the song. Chew your gum with each sway. Wear burettes.

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2. The Ugly Cry

How you do it: Cry. Chew your gum. Cry.

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3. The Water Bottle Wave

How you do it: Hold your water bottle in the air. Do the wave. Stay hydrated.

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4. The Single Tear

How you do it: Cry one tear at a time. Release each tear whenever a camera is near.

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5. The Poster Wiggle

How to do: Rip out a poster from “J-14.” Then jiggle and scream.

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6. The Tongue Bite

How you do it: Stick your tongue out. Bite it.

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7. The Brace Twitch

How you do it: Open your mouth as wide as you can. Show off your braces. Close your mouth. Dance.

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8. The Hypno-Trance Partial Lyric Lip-Sync (HTPLLC)

How you do it: Zone out. Mouth about 1/2 of the words in slow motion.

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9. The Bounce And Shake

How you do it: Bounce and shake regardless of the tempo of the song.

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10. The Friend Glance Whimper

How you do it: Cry. Then look at your friend for validation. You want to show them that you’re a bigger fan because you’re crying.

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11. The Can’t Contain Yourself Scream

How you do it: Let emotion take over your body. Then, regardless of song temp, scream.

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12. The “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

How you do it: Leave your mouth slightly open and say “yeahhhhhhhhhh.” Repeat.

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13. The Bucket Hat Belt-It-Out

How you do it: Wear a bucket hat. Then belt it out.

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14. The Scream Sing

How you do it: Look angry. Scream the words. Maybe if you scream sing loud enough, they’ll hear you. They won’t.

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15. The Friend Check

How to do it: Do the wave. Then look at your friend, try to connect and have a moment with them, realize they’re not paying attention. Awkwardly look away.

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16. The “OhMyGod I’m Gonna Cry” But You Don’t Actually Cry

How you do it: Cover your mouth. Say “Oh my God.” Force yourself to cry. Realize you can’t actually force yourself to cry. Pretend.

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Here’s another gif of “The Ugly Cry.” This is the most important move, so that’s why I’m posting it again.

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Watch the full performance here. Try out the techniques. Practice.

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