• Mountain Lion

    A mountain lion is similar to a cougar, only it refers to an UN-attractive older woman seeking younger men. The only difference between the terms mountain lion and cougar are that cougars are usually somewhat attractive, and mountain lions are usually quite ugly. The mountain lion’s natural habitat is at bars.

  • Cub

    A young man who is attracted to an older woman or women, no doubt intrigued by the passion and experience that only a cougar can offer.

  • Puma

    A woman who is not quite old enough to be a cougar, but still likes to date/mate with younger men.

  • Bobcat

    A cougar that doesn’t really want to do anything but makeout and second base; c*cktease cougar.

  • Jaguar

    In the lexicon of older women seeking younger men, a jaguar is 50 and over, where the cougar is in their 40s, and the puma under 40. Jaguars tend to be financially stable and are only looking for sex from their 20 something prey. Example: Madonna.

  • Cheetah

    A cougar who is known to move extremely fast.

  • Cougar Bite

    The act of kissing/ being kissed by an older woman.

  • Cougar Droppings

    Baked goods or other small gifts given to or left by a cougar to a young buck. These “droppings” are meant to entice the prey to stay longer or make more frequent apperances.

  • Cougar Trap

    Referencing a place where hot mom’s shop for clothing, food, etc. For example… Costco is a great place to entrap a cougar. She’s there to shop for the family, but damn there a a bunch of hot moms there.

  • Cougarita

    A female of hispanic origin who is not married, above 35 years old, frequents clubs, gyms and other social hangouts to pick up younger men, usually for her sexual satisfaction.

  • Cougar Den

    An establishment that is overflowing with cougars (older woman on the prowl.)

  • Cougar Remorse

    When you have a one night stand with a cougar and feel guilty about being with a woman twice your age who’s old enough to be your mother.