25 College Republicans Describe Democrats In Three Words

I asked 25 Republican students at Hofstra University to describe Democrats in ONLY 3 words. Post your own in the comments!

1. “Energetic, pretentious, misinformed”


2. “Wasteful, incompetent, stupid”

- Matt

3. “Holier than thou”

- Brittany

4. “Ignorant, dishonest, misinformed”

- Johnny

5. “Unintelligent, incompetent, taxes”

- David

6. “Ignorant, uninformed, annoying”

- Ryan

7. “Irritating, ignorant, irreparable”

- Erica

8. “Shitheads, hypocrites, liberals”

- Joe

9. “Taxes, liars, shitheads”

- Seth

10. “Lie, cheat, steal”

- Victoria

11. “Spend, spend, spend”

- William

12. “Tax, spend, accountable”

- Joe

13. “Useless, wrong, incompetent”

- Thomas

14. “Incompetent, malkavian, weak”

- Jared

15. “Ignorant, backwards, lies”

- Jonathan

16. “Small-minded, unwise, backwards”

- Ryssa

17. “Hypocritical, unrealistic, intolerant”

- Katherine

18. “Wasteful, apologetic, un-American”

- David

19. “Hypocrites, ignorant, incorrect”

- Kevin

20. “Delusional, over-aggressive, tree-huggers”

- Christina

21. “Progressive, unrealistic, rowdy”

- Jamie

22. “Intent, informed, articulate”

- Amanda

23. “Petty, narrow-minded, ignorant”

- Charles

24. “Loud, colorful, bandwagon”

- Nick

25. “Liberal, ignorant, annoying”

- Jimmy

I also asked college Democrats to describe Republicans. You can see that here:

All photos by me, Matt Stopera

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