30 Ways Growing Up With “Seinfeld” Totally Messed You Up

You are who you are because of Seinfeld. Sorry.

30. You’re always talking about people behind their backs.

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29. You are pathetic, and you don’t even care, even though you probably should.

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28. You are always judging couples in public.

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27. You basically hate everyone who is in a happy relationship.

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26. You are constantly using this excuse.

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25. You have a love–hate relationship with vending machines.

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24. You take too many naps.

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23. Not eating is never an option. If you don’t eat, you’re angry.

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22. Food and sex = life.

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21. You’re always questioning other people’s fashion choices.

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Bras as tops? Nope!

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Capes? Nope!

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20. You beat the shit out of ketchup bottles.

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19. Alcohol is life.

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18. You are not you without it.

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17. This is why you drink in public.

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16. You understand the timeless art of seduction.

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15. You’re living a lie or two or 20.

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14. You are a slob.

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13. You constantly wonder what it’s like to be normal.

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12. You love cheese almost a little too much.

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11. You have at one time or other thought how cool it would be to open your own Moviefone business.

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10. You end relationships over things like pie.

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9. You don’t give a shit about what people think about you in public.

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8. You look annoyed all the time on purpose.

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7. Your ultimate dream job: bagel technician.

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6. You don’t go outside nearly enough.

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5. You realize that being a better you takes time. One small step at a time.

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4. You are really good at fake talking.

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3. You wear your emotions on your sleeve.

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2. You are, in general, sick of people.

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1. And most importantly, you’ll never buy a puffy jacket because you know everyone will punch you when you wear it.

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