I was sick of seeing pictures of hot girls at music festivals, so I took pictures of hot guys instead. The guys at Bonnaroo were particularly good looking and always shirtless. Sorry this is so creepy, It’s a celebration of beauty.

1. Looking into the distance hot guy.

ID: 352514

2. At first he’s like “: 0” hot guy.

ID: 352550

But then he’s like this : )

ID: 352518

3. Two hot guys in speedos.

ID: 352517

4. Nevermind, it’s 4 hot guys in speedos!!

ID: 352519

5. Hippie-ish hot guy.

ID: 352512

6. Pink handkerchief hot guy.

ID: 352520

7. Hot guy photobombed by some dude with a braid.

ID: 352523

8. Hot guy who knows I’m taking a picture of him.

ID: 352524

9. Hot guy holding a gatorade.

ID: 352516

10. Chill hot guys.

ID: 352525

11. Some hot bandana guy’s torso.

ID: 352526

12. Hot guy w/ beer.

ID: 352515

13. What’s that…?

ID: 352528

Oh, it’s just another hot guy with a perfect body!

ID: 352527

With bonus hot friend!

ID: 352549

14. Hot guys playing together in a fountain.

ID: 352529

15. I call this one, “Hot Guy Leaning Back With Bulls Hat”

ID: 352530

16. Solo hot guy.

ID: 352534

17. More hot guy water play.

ID: 352531

18. Hot guy w/ camel pack.

ID: 352532

19. Another hot guy w/ camel pack.

ID: 352533

20. Hot bro guy.

ID: 352511

21. Another hot guy.

ID: 352510

22. Hot coffee stand worker.

ID: 352535

23. Another one who caught me taking his picture hot guy.

ID: 352522

24. These girls ruined my picture hot guy.

ID: 352548

25. Just out of the fountain and looking surprisingly suave hot guy.

ID: 353261

26. Hot painter guy.

ID: 352537

It’s beautiful, like you.

ID: 352538

27. And last but certainly not least, Jack Antonoff of Fun.

I couldn’t get him to take off his shirt : (

ID: 352539

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