28 Issues Norman Reedus Doesn’t Give A F&%$ About

Basically everything and you.

28. That moment when your iced coffee starts to melt mid-way through drinking it.

ID: 904472

27. When you pick up a permanent, use it, and moments later it runs out of ink.

ID: 904489

26. Buttons.

ID: 904497

25. Blending into backgrounds.

ID: 904487

24. Weak cocktails.

ID: 904496

23. Society.

ID: 904495

22. The man that made him wear this robe.

ID: 904498

21. That weird, sweaty glow you get when it’s just slightly too hot.

ID: 904499

20. When someone in an audience asks a stupid question which just wastes time and doesn’t allow for other actual good questions to be asked.

ID: 904502

19. Boats.

ID: 904503

18. V-necks.

ID: 904504

17. The “# 1” hand symbol.

ID: 904507

16. Dull knives.

ID: 904520

15. Bent forks.

ID: 904528

14. Cold pool water.

ID: 904579

13. Tacky instagram filters.

ID: 904580

12. The smell inside that head.

ID: 904581

11. Unusual fan art.

ID: 904626

10. Old dudes who like to wrestle him while he’s shirtless. Even worse: Old dudes who force him to wear latex bunny heads.

ID: 904695

9. The “rock on” hand symbol.

ID: 904575

8. People in costumes who get too close and mess with you.

ID: 904696

7. Rick’s illusions and Glenn’s power trip.

ID: 905192

6. Getting caught smoking weed.

ID: 904750

5. Being on the cover of magazines with his wannabe older brother, Merle.

ID: 904697

4. When you’re inside a park and you have to walk a really long way to get out of the fence.

ID: 905191

3. Hangovers.

ID: 904737

2. Being photographed whilst Snapchatting someone.

ID: 904738

1. And zombies, duh.

ID: 904698

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