9 Rules For A Really Big Corgi Meetup At The Beach

Essential reading for your next corgi meetup at the beach.

1. Rule 1: Look really, really irresistibly cute.

This shouldn’t be hard for you.

You’re going to meet A LOT of new corgis today, so it is very important that you don’t look like a bum. Wear your nicest bandanna and make sure it’s clean. Ain’t nobody got time for a dirty bandanna.

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2. Rule 2: Bring YOUR OWN goggles.

You don’t want to be that annoying corgi who’s always asking to borrow other corgis’ goggles. Those corgis are the worst.

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Safety first, duh.

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4. And yes, there will be other corgis without life jackets. They are wrong. Wearing a life jacket IS cool!

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5. Rule 4: Tire yourself out.

The day is yours. Your human will be super happy at the end of the day when you’re looking all adorable and sleepy.

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6. Rule 5: Be extra nice to the humans.

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7. They will give you treats.

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8. Rule 6: Don’t be a show-off.

There’s no need for a dramatic sand dive. No one wants to see that.

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9. Rule 7: Step away from your human.

ID: 861834

10. Be social.

ID: 861835

11. Who knows? Maybe one of these new corgis will be a lifelong friend? You’ll never know unless you try.

ID: 862219

12. Rule 8: Suck up to the photographers.

They will make you famous. That means higher quality snacks from your humans.

ID: 862018

13. Rule 9: There are no rules.

ID: 861968

14. You are a corgi.

ID: 862022

15. You do as you please.

ID: 862216

16. This list was pointless.

ID: 862053

17. It was just an excuse to post corgi pictures.

ID: 862272

18. Bye!

ID: 862215

Note: All of these pictures are from a corgi meetup on Fiesta Island in San Diego.

ID: 861872

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