19 Times 98 Degrees Left Justin Jeffre Out

Poor Justin Jeffre. :(

1. The time they played a game of shirtless football and made him be the ref.

ID: 916089

2. The time they made him wear these stupid sunglasses, and even he knew they were stupid.

ID: 916040

3. Then he wondered why he was even there.

ID: 916042

4. The time Goofy wondered why he was there.

ID: 916081

5. The time he was furthest away on a rock for their desert photo shoot.

ID: 916041

6. The time they tried to feed him to a dinosaur.

ID: 916083

7. The time the guys were fighting and only Jeff would “endorse peace” with him.

ID: 916082

8. The time they pushed him into the pool…

ID: 916410

… and then tried to drown him.

ID: 916088

9. The time he had to be the one to wear the purple trench coat.

ID: 916084

10. The time they tried to make him look ~cool~ by making him to wear these faux-Oakleys.

ID: 916090

11. The time they all went to get tribal back tattoos and he wasn’t invited.

ID: 916413

12. All of the times they stuck him next to a shirtless Jeff Timmons.

You just can’t compete with that!

ID: 916411

13. That time they tried to white him out of the background of this picture.

ID: 916091

14. The time they made him bleach his hair…

ID: 916094

… when all he ever wanted was frosted tips like Nick.

ID: 916092

15. That OTHER time he wondered why he was there.

ID: 916095

16. The time Nick wondered why he was there.

ID: 916096

17. The time he clearly got the wrong queue about which pose to do and therefore looked totally out of place in the photo.

ID: 916085

18. The time they stuck him on the fire escape…

ID: 916097

19. … and then every website cut him off.

ID: 916409

20. The time he wore this outfit andclearly didn’t feel comfortable.

ID: 916407

I think you get the point.


ID: 919644

Even though you seem to always get the short end of the stick, Jeff.

ID: 916408

You were an important part of 98 Degrees, and the band wouldn’t be the same without you.

ID: 919707

Stay fresh.

ID: 916412

Inspired by Poor Michelle.

ID: 920088

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