20 Acts Of Unity In A Time Of Division

Regardless of politics, Americans are still coming together to help one another during the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

1. From the power crews volunteering their time form Mississippi,

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2. Nebraska,

This picture is captioned: “My hats off to the Corn Huskers from Nebraska. These young fellows worked real hard to restore power in my area.”

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3. Ohio,

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4. Indiana,

This picture is captioned: “Indiana Storm Response Team is here! 8 trucks are lined up on my street Gem Ave. Once again my doors are open to them if they need anything.”

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5. South Carolina,

Other crews from states like Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Wisconsin joined the effort. Some of them even had to sleep in their trucks.

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6. Florida,

This picture is captioned: “Utility workers from FP&L in Florida made a snowman at a library while waiting for orders.”

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7. and Oklahoma.

This picture is captioned: “Workers from Tulsa, Oklahoma traveled 3 days to help out in NJ.”

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8. To these guys from Texas who gave these kids candy AND power.

The picture is captioned: “Thanks to these line men from Texas we now have electricity in Lincroft. They even passed out candy to our children.”

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9. Some dude with an 8,000 watt solar powered fueless generator traveled to New Jersey from Texas to help anyone in need.

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10. This kid from Idaho donated his baseball glove…

ID: 674551

11. …while kids from Texas made lemonade.

This picture is captioned:
“Greetings from Texas!! Today my 10-year-old daughter had her first Lemon-AID stand in our little East Texas town to benefit YOU- those who have had to endure this terrible devastation. She was able to raise $250.00!! We want you all to know that you are on our minds and in our hearts as well as our prayers. Hang in there!
Love, The Pierce Family”

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These kids from Fort Worth raised $1,000!

This picture is captioned: “We are following your updates from afar but wanted to share with you this picture… These two munchkins raised close to $1,000 today at a lemonade stand in Fort Worth, TX, and we will be sending every dollar your way to help with the recovery. Stay strong!”

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12. Good samaritans paid entire tabs for crews from Virginia.

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13. People who have been through this many times sent supplies.

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14. Like this truck from Florida.

This picture is captioned: “There are two trucks just like this coming up from St. Augustine Florida packed full of stuff! They will be headed to the Silverton section of Toms River, NJ to help out the residents of that neighborhood and the fireman and first responders!”

ID: 673779

15. And this one from North Carolina.

This picture is captioned: “We here in coastal NC have been through this so many times and we know how tough it can be! This truck is almost full and it’s heading to South Jersey to try and put a dent in some of the immediate needs of some good people that need our help!”

ID: 673807

16. This pilot volunteered his time, plane, and fuel to fly in supplies from Illinois to Toms River.

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17. The littlest member of the Keyport VFW Post. 4247 joined in too.

ID: 685824

18. Others volunteered their unique talents.

ID: 675332

19. Katrina victims sent messages of hope.

ID: 674991

20. Kindergarten classes did too.

This picture is captioned: “My 5 year old daughter (in GEORGIA!) had her entire class to make a picture for the victims of Sandy!”

ID: 685882

This little girl sums it up best:

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