A Definitive Ranking Of Songs From The “Sister Act” Duology From Worst To Best

And by “worst” I mean none of them because all of the songs are iconic and classic.

14. “Hail Holy Queen” pre-Sister Mary Clarence

Highlight: Sister Alma absolutely crushing it on the piano.
Number of chills felt: Basically none. I get slightly excited for the Sister Alma piano slam though.
Lyrical highlight: Sister Mary Patrick’s unrestrained “Triumph all ye Cherubim” is quite good, though a little loud.

Sister Mary Clarence sums it up best:

13. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” from the credits of “Sister Act 2”

Highlight: The group together singing as one. It shows just how far they’ve come. The power of song! AMEN!
Number of chills felt: 15. I basically get chills every time a new member of the class comes on and sings a solo. It’s heartwarming. You’re also still coming off the high of them winning the choir competition. I’m smiling just thinking about it.
Lyrical highlight: Lauryn Hill’s riffs. Sister Mary Lazarus’ “now wait a minute” in the beginning is pretty great as well. Such a powerful voice.

12. The “Rescue Me” montage from “Sister Act 1”

Highlight: Sister Mary Clarence applying some type of wood finish to the pews.
Number of chills felt: 1. When she sits down next to the dog it’s kind of sad. You really feel for her.
Lyrical highlight: It’s a classic song, so I guess when she says “Rescue me.”

11. The “Just A Touch Of Love” montage from “Sister Act 1”

Highlight: Sister Mary Patrick’s iconic hip hop dance moves.
Number of chills felt: I get mega chills when the nuns walk into the gate in the beginning. Very powerful. Besides that, I get various bursts of chills whenever they are helping the community. It’s inspiring.
Lyrical highlight: All of it. C&C Music Factory is perfect for a montage.

10. “Get Up Offa That Thing” from “Sister Act 2”

Highlight: Sister Mary Mother Fucking Clarence! What a great vocalist. She brings back some of her Vegas showgirl/entertainer vibes.
Number of chills felt: I got super chilled when Sister Mary Clarence falls to the ground and Sister Mary Roberts puts a shiny green robe on her.
Lyrical highlight: “Get up offa tha thing.” Brill. What a smart lyric.

Also this hat:

9. “Ball Of Confusion” from “Sister Act 2”

Highlight: I have a soft spot for Sister Alma so songs that showcase her unique piano skills are gold in my book.
Number of chills felt: About 7.
Lyrical highlight: The “oy vey” at the end is fairly epic.

8. “Wake Up And Pay Attention” from “Sister Act 2”

Highlight: The class coming together and showing off their vocal ability. The class CAN REALLY SING.
Number of chills felt: A bunch.
Lyrical highlight: “Can we waken this up a little?”

7. Deloris & The Ronelles lounge medley

Highlight: Sister Mary Clarence’s hair.
Number of chills felt: Every time the songs flawlessly meld into each other. Such a classic use of medley.
Lyrical highlight: “Heatwaaaaave” and “you don’t give a shit.”

6. “My God” from “Sister Act 1”

Highlight: All of the sister’s unique personalities! The lines perfectly match their IRL nun personas.
Number of chills felt: 14. I get especially chilly when they break it down at the end.
Lyrical highlight: “WE ARE!!”

5. “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” from “Sister Act 2”

Highlight: Lauryn Hill killing it with this random girl.
Number of chills felt: 84. It’s so soothing.
Lyrical highlight: “His eye is on the spaaaaarow.” The vocal delivery is A+.

4. “I Will Follow Him” from “Sister Act 1”

Highlight: Obviously the Pope.
Number of chills felt: About a thousand.
Lyrical highlight: Sister Mary Roberts absolutely S-L-A-Y-I-N-G the “oh yeah I love him” part. I’m a Sister Mary Roberts Stan so everything she does sounds flawless to me.

This comment sums up watching this video best:

3. “Joyful Joyful” from “Sister Act 2”

Highlight: When the random stage hand lady tells them “TAKE OFF THEIR ROBES.” Also the sign language interpretator behind Lauryn Hill in the beginning.
Number of chills felt: 2500.
Lyrical highlight: Lauryn Hill’s opening and also that rap. “You down with G-O-D? YEAH YOU KNOW ME.” Classic.

2. “Oh Maria” from “Sister Act 1”

Number of chills felt: 10k. Sister Mary Roberts “getting her voice” always chokes me up.
Lyrical highlight: “HALLELUJAAAAAAH.” Also SMR’s “sweeeeeet seraphim.”

1. “Oh Happy Day” from “Sister Act 2”

Highlight: THE HIGH NOTE, DUH. Also Sister Mary Clarence’s epic and inspiring turnaround after hearing that note.
Number of chills felt: 2420983490823409823409820934.
Lyrical highlight: “WHEN MY JESUS WAAAAASHED”

In conclusion:

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