• 1. Baby Mama

    The film contains acceptability of surrogate parenting and artificial insemination, implied premarital sex, some crude and crass language, sexual and scatological humor, and a drug reference.

  • 2. Caddyshack

    Director Harold Ramis counts on an assortment of obnoxious characters, lewd jokes and brief nudity to energize a sophomoric plot.

  • 3. American Beauty

    Director Sam Mendes paints a corrosively bleak portrait of family life in which the increasingly desperate behavior of self-absorbed characters culminates in murder. Brief gory violence, sexual situations including adultery, masturbation and nudity, some profanity and recurring rough language.

  • 4. American Pie 2

    Director J.B. Rogers’ plodding, pathetic effort recycles plot points from the first film while again presenting sex as raunchy sport devoid of responsibility or consequences. Positive spin on pre-marital sex, several sexual situations including masturbation and same-sex kissing, some nudity, objectification of women and much rough language, crass expressions and underage drinking.

  • 5. The Hangover

    The film contains intermittent violence; pervasive crass, crude and profane language; upper female and explicit male nudity; drug use; frequent urination; and crude sexual gags, one involving an infant.

  • 6. Brokeback Mountain

    The film contains tacit approval of same-sex relationships, adultery, two short male sex scenes without nudity, two brief heterosexual encounters with upper female nudity, shadowy rear nudity, other implied sexual situations, profanity, rough and crude expressions, irreligious remarks, alcohol and brief drug use, fleeting violent images, a gruesome description of a murder, some fisticuffs and brief domestic violence.

  • 7. Jennifer’s Body

    The film contains frequent savage violence, cannibalism, strong sexual content, including graphic (presumably underage) sexual activity and lesbian kissing, a couple of profanities, irreverence and much rough and crude language.

  • 8. Borat

    The film contains pervasive coarse sexual and scatological humor, crass sight gags, masturbation, nudity, some irreverent remarks, and excessive rough and crude language, as well as some ethnic stereotypes.

  • 9. Carrie

    Director Brian De Palma’s horror movie is too ludicrous and overdrawn to scare, but succeeds in the shock value of its callous, unhealthy mix of nudity and violence.

  • 10. Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion

    Directed by David Mirkin, the feather-brained situation is tiresomely padded out with sophomoric jokes and unamusing sexual references. Some restrained sex scenes, crude discussions of sexual subjects and frequent rough language with a blatant instance of profanity.

  • 11. Dazed And Confused

    Writer-director Richard Linklater’s plotless nostalgia about the excesses of free-spirited 70’s adolescents is boringly inept but harmful in suggesting that doing drugs is simply a fun part of growing up. Constant teen drug and alcohol abuse, sexist attitudes, brief violence and much rough language.

  • 12. 8 Mile

    The film contains excessive violence, graphic sexual encounters, crude sexual references and continual rough language and profanity.

  • 13. 40-Year-Old Virgin

    The film contains profanity, rough and crude language, racial epithets, rear and partial nudity, heavy sexual content including strongly permissive view of premarital sex, condom use, characters displaying demeaning view of women, crass gay and bathroom humor, drug use and drinking.

  • 14. Flashdance

    Blatantly exploiting female anatomy, the musical tries to overcome the commercial sexism with a love story about self-reliance. Some nudity.

  • 15. Gangs Of New York

    As directed by Martin Scorsese, the Civil War historical context gets short shrift compared to the relentlessly indulgent focus on personal and mob violence. Excessive graphic violence linked to religious zeal, a sexual encounter, extended bordello nudity, brief drug abuse, racial epithets, intermittent rough language and recurring profanity.

  • 16. Get Rich Or Die Tryin

    Recurring strong violence, including brutal shootings, stabbings, beatings, a bloody scene of implied torture, drug content, sexual situations with partial nudity, a shower scene with rear and fleeting frontal nudity, as well as excessive rough and sexually explicit language.

  • 17. Gigli

    The film contains a sexual encounter, excessive sexually explicit and rough language, as well as profanity and brief strong violence.

  • 18. Grandma’s Boy

    The film contains nonstop gross-out humor and rough and crude language, sexual situations and innuendo, upper female and rear male nudity, heavy drug use, and a hedonistic worldview.

  • 19. Grease

    Though director Randal Kleiser plays it for simple-minded fun, the teen fantasy glamorizes negative role models and is preoccupied with sex in its dialogue and lyrics.

  • 20. Half Baked

    Directed by Tamra Davis, the low-budget proceedings are of the dumb-and-dumber variety with witless fantasies that smoking weed is no crime but only harmless fun. Unamusing trivialization of the drug culture, sexual encounters, brief nudity and frequent rough language.

  • 21. Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

    Chuck full of gross-out gags and vulgar frat-house humor, director Danny Leiner’s road picture makes pretensions of social commentary concerning race and identity, but the only race it seems to care about is a race to the bottom, shamelessly finding humor in a story built around getting high while behind the wheel of a car. Recurring drug use, two instances of frontal nudity, much rough and crude language, as well as strong sexual and bathroom humor.

  • 22. I Love You, Man

    The film contains premarital cohabitation, a promiscuous gay character, much sexual and some gross-out humor, pervasive rough and crude language, and at least one profanity.

  • 23. Jackass The Movie

    As directed by Jeff Tremaine, the plotless movie revels in people getting hurt with their pain considered hilarious to their friends. Vulgar body fluid humor, language, violent acts of mutilation and torture, some nudity and recurring rough language.

  • 24. Kill Bill

    Quentin Tarantino’s mayhem-mired two-part opus, a film which, despite its slick pulp-noir veneer, is fueled by a sadistic killing-is-cool mentality that packages gratuitous gore as entertainment. Excessive graphic violence, twisted sexual references, as well as much rough and crude language and profanity.

  • 25. Mall Rats

    Sophomoric sleaze about two college-age retards (Jeremy London and Jason Lee) running amok in a suburban mall after being rejected by their girlfriends (Claire Forlani and Shannen Doherty). Writer-director Kevin Smith plumbs the gutter for laughs but finds only mindless tedium. Sexual situations, nudity, drug abuse, toilet humor and constant gross language.

  • 26. Mermaids

    The baldly contrived storyline in director Richard Benjamin’s limp comedy trivializes a young girl’s religious leanings while managing to make her promiscuous mom seem hip. Acceptance of promiscuous and premarital sexual relationships.

  • 27. Million Dollar Baby

    Swank and Morgan Freeman as a grizzled ring rat, will leave Catholic viewers emotionally against the ropes. A guilt-wracked, but ultimately permissive depiction of euthanasia, much bloody boxing violence, some rough and crude language and profanity.

  • 28. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    This film contains relentless violence, cold-blooded murders, profanity, crude language, sexual situations and banter, suggestive costuming, implied premarital sex.

  • 29. Nacho Libre

    This film contains pervasive irreverence, slapstick violence in and out of the ring, including an impaling, innuendo, crude humor including flatulence, vulgar costuming, partial nudity and heedless thievery.

  • 30. National Lampoon’s European Vacation

    Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo repeat their roles as the parents in a movie that is witless, vulgar, unfunny and in consistently bad taste. Nudity and sexually-oriented humor.

  • 31. Overboard

    Directed by Garry Marshall, the tasteless sex farce relies on the suggestiveness of a situation that makes light of adultery and uses vulgar language and references.

  • 32. Varsity Blues

    Directed by Brian Robbins, the bogus proceedings are devoted largely to the teens’ activities off the field, especially their drunken escapades and quest for sex. Sexual situations, nudity, alcohol abuse, intermittent rough language and occasional profanity.

  • 33. Pet Sematary

    While relevant questions about the finality of death are raised by the family’s six-year-old (Blaze Berdahl), her toddler brother’s afterlife transformation into a gruesome slasher is depicted in horrific, graphic detail.

  • 34. Poltergeist

    Producer Steven Spielberg and director Tobe Hooper treat viewers to some special effects violence and gore, teenage sexuality and a benign look at Mom and Dad smoking marijuana at bedtime.

  • 35. Pulp Fiction

    Writer-director Quentin Tarantino finds much slick, cynical humor and a twisted code of honor among characters for whom life is cheap and crime is a profitable lark. Much gory violence and positive depictions of drug use, a homosexual rape, fleeting nudity, many racial slurs and much rough language.

  • 36. Revenge Of The Nerds

    Director Jeff Kanew’s farce is full of vulgarities, much nudity and the romantic treatment of what is in effect rape.

  • 37. RoboCop

    Dutch director Paul Verhoeven doesn’t spare any blood and gore in his relentlessly graphic depiction of violent law enforcement tactics used aganist equally violent criminals. Conveys a dangerous ends-justifies-the-means brand of justice.

  • 38. Rush Hour

    Director Brett Ratner depicts the deadly menace and brutal violence as exciting and the kind of jokey fun that has no consequences. Recurring violence, nasty menace to a child, a few racial slurs and intermittent profanity.

  • 39. Saw

    Directed by James Wan, the film starts off well, but after an intriguing first 20 minutes, any hopes of suspense are dashed by a stomach-churning barrage of stylized sadism parading as entertainment, which nosedives from lurid to laughable in the final reel. Much graphic violence and recurring rough and crude language.

  • 40. Scary Movie

    Scary Movie is a vile gross-out comedy about six teen-agers who accidentally killed a man and are being chased by a black-caped, white-masked serial slasher intent on slaughtering them. It’s a poor pastiche of several horror films with a virtually non-existent plot used as a frame on which to hang raunchy, humorless jokes.

  • 41. Scream

    Director Wes Craven’s tale of bloodlust taken to gruesome extremes is thoroughly repugnant. Excessive violence, fleeting bedroom scene, recurring profanity and much rough language.

  • 42. Showgirls

    Relentlessly sleazy potboiler about a hardened Vegas stripper (Elizabeth Berkley) who graduates to performing in a casino’s topless show, then steals the star spot by incapacitating its lead dancer. Director Paul Verhoeven’s sexist depiction of women is a mindless exercise in sneering, leering voyeurism. A brutal gang rape, simulated sex acts, much exploitative nudity, drug abuse and rough language.

  • 43. Sin City

    This film contains gratuitous graphic violence, including dismemberment and decapitation, sexual situations with nudity, a suicide, an execution, as well as rough and crude language.

  • 44. Striptease

    Lame sex comedy about the infatuation of a brainless, oversexed congressman (Burt Reynolds) with a dancer (Demi Moore) in a sleazy strip joint. Directed by Andrew Bergman, the listless jumble of one-note characters and situations is wedged in between numerous striptease routines. Women depicted as sex objects, frequent nudity, off-screen murders, substance abuse, profanity and rough language.

  • 45. Sugar & Spice

    Although intended as a farce, the combination of teens and guns as well as the flippant attitude toward teen-age pregnancy in director Francine McDougall’s film is disturbing. Irreverent attitude toward violence and teen pregnancy, brief sex-related humor, some comically intended menace, sporadic profanity and crass expressions and an instance of rough language.

  • 46. Superbad

    The film contains unceasing rough, crude and crass language, premarital sexual activity, much sexual humor and innuendo much of it coarse, porn imagery underage drinking, drug use, and a scene with disturbing violence.

  • 47. Taxi Driver

    Director Martin Scorsese’s excursion into urban alienation and irrational violence lacks a distancing objectivity and its attempts to shock are excessively graphic in scenes of bloodshed.

  • 48. Terminator

    James Cameron directs the action in taut, suspenseful fashion but its violence is overdone and a bedroom scene goes much further than necessary.

  • 49. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Directed by Tobe Hooper, what is more dehumanizing than all the violence is that the treatment seems to regard it as amusing.

  • 50. Wedding Crashers

    Despite considerable chemistry between Vaughn and Wilson, the farce makes light of casual sex and promiscuity, mucking up what could have been a smart screwball buddy film with lewd sight gags and foul-mouthed dialogue. Much crude sexual humor and situations, some involving partial nudity, a brief irreverent comment, as well as pervasive rough and vulgar language and profanity.