This Is What Happens When 318 Corgis Throw A Beach Party

Corgi Nation is growing. The last beach party only had 140!!

1. On July 13, 2013, something amazing happened.

ID: 1373218

2. Three hundred eighteen corgis gathered in one place, together as one.

ID: 1373093

3. They called themselves: CORGI NATION.

ID: 1373118

4. The corgis came from all over the great state of California accompanied by their loyal human servants. (They were referred to as “the help.”)

ID: 1372366

5. Big or small, it didn’t matter.

ID: 1372904

6. They are corgis. They are love.

ID: 1373066

7. Some wore goggles.

ID: 1373125

8. Some wore caps.

ID: 1372365

9. Others wore simple (yet totally classy) handkerchiefs.

ID: 1372370

10. This guy wore these slightly outdated pants.

ID: 1373094

11. And this guy wore a little straw hat. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE STRAW HAT.

ID: 1373120

12. Then there was their leader, SuperCorgi.

ID: 1372362

13. He looks tough and slightly scary on the outside…

ID: 1373121

14. …but it’s really all an act. He’s basically a big, smiley baby.

ID: 1372898

15. (There was another corgi that was wearing a cape, and it’s unclear who was actually the real SuperCorgi with actual superpowers.)

ID: 1373123

16. The day was filled with swimming.

ID: 1372367

17. Lots of chilling.

ID: 1372389

18. And of course, The Cheese Toss Game.

ID: 1372895

19. They played catch…

ID: 1373072

20. …which means they basically lost their shit and went insane.

ID: 1373122

21. Corgis were buried.

ID: 1372903


ID: 1373068

23. Some corgis used “the help” for shade…

ID: 1372368

24. … while others used umbrellas.

ID: 1372900

25. This corgi was sassed.

ID: 1373064

26. This corgi walked the beach like it was its own personal runway.

ID: 1373069

27. These two corgis looked like they wanted to totally kill each other.

ID: 1372889

28. This corgi got all mad because she was jealous of the other’s super cute bikini.

ID: 1374434

29. And this corgi looked like he had just smoked some weed.

ID: 1372363

30. Then it happened. They came together for one glorious group shot.

ID: 1372899

31. The corgis lined up.

ID: 1372897

32. The corgis were raised.

ID: 1372894

33. And for one moment, all was perfect in the world.

ID: 1373070

38. Then all the corgis passed out and were hungover for days.

ID: 1372902

39. NOTE: It should be mentioned that there was one dachshund wearing a dress in attendance.

ID: 1373119

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