30 Things Your Mom Still Does (That You Stopped Doing Long Ago)

Moms. Amiright?!?!

1. Mapquest:

2. 411:

3. Internet Explorer:

4. Memes:

5. AOL:

My mom still uses AOL and has 13,000+ e-mails. Lock it up, @KathrynJr

— cartersauce (@carter)

6. Razr phones:

Home in Washington. My mom still uses a razor phone and she doesn't even use the Internet.

— OhhMyAnnie (@Annie Bardonski)

7. Phone books:

My mom still uses the phone book

— KaseySchnittker (@ksnicks)

8. Ask Jeeves:

My mom still uses Ask Jeeves, in case you were wondering how people from the 1700's get information.

— hairicaaa (@errkuh)

9. Printers:

It's amazing how often my mom still prints out emails, puts them in an envelope, and mails them to me, rather than simply forwarding them.

— JenESmith (@Jennifer E. Smith)

10. Printed out directions:

On the way to JFK to pick up my sister. My mom still prints out the directions. At least she's using Google Maps now.

— CristinaPlana (@Cristina Plana)

11. “www.”:

my mom still uses www. in like lol mom ur so 2009

— MULLINDAISIES (@mikaela)

12. “Puff Daddy”:

I love how my mom still calls P diddy, Puff daddy Lol

— ashleymieses (@ASH)
Brenda Chase

13. “Elaine”:

my mom still calls julia louis-dreyfus "elaine"

— hipstrparamedic (@audris elba, M.D.)

14. “Emailing”:

My mom still calls texting emailing

— Burns_Christian (@Christian Burns)

15. American Idol:

lol my mom still watches American idol

— _annaherzog (@a n n a)

16. The TV Guide Channel:

My mom still uses the TV guide channel

— C0_0NER (@--)

17. Casette tapes:

My mom still uses this?

— DonHoge (@Don)

18. Signatures:

the fact that my mom still uses signatures.

— justamari__ (@name)

19. The word “chillax”:

its 2013 and my mom still uses the word "chillax"

— dilutedlarry (@caroline)

20. Ringback tones:

1. My mom still uses ring back tones. 2. My moms ring back tone is Mesmerize by Ja rule and Ashanti. 3.

— edwordswfriends (@Alexandra)

21. Dictionaries:

22. “Not”:

My mom still regularly employs 'not' at the end of her sentences to illustrate sarcasm and irony And now I want to kill everything

— Smooheed (@MF FairyPrincessRach)

23. Floppy disks:

Hahaah my mom still uses floppy disk ! Hahah #ancient #Prehistoric #GetWithTheTimes

— DipEnjoyRepeat (@Chance)

24. Twerking:

My mom just tried to twerk.. What is happening

— Shaaaaaaynizzle (@Shayna A. Sinski)

25. The TV guide in the newspaper:

26. Antennas:

My mom still uses antennas she refuses to buy cable sigh loool

— mari_maritha (@Tamia タミヤ)

27. “Self-portraits”:

My mom still refers to selfies as "self portraits"

— ChaseSeiberlich (@Chase Seiberlich)

28. “Snoop Doggy Dogg”:

My mom still refers to him as Snoop Doggy Dogg.

— nudd (@Tim Nudd)
Scott Gries / Getty Images

29. Inspirational quote pics:

I swear my mom still thinks it's cool to post inspirational quote pics on Facebook. I can't

— BoatShoePrep (@Polo and Pearls)

30. And lastly, way too many emoticons:

My mom uses way too many emoticons.

— mikekelton (@Mike Kelton)

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