• 1. Wings And Women

    John Persinger of Iowa celebrated his 100th birthday with wings and women at Hooters. “I don’t know how I did it. Good living, I guess. A lot of good food. Steaks, fried potatoes.”

  • 2. Puffing Cigars And Drinking Whiskey

    Jack Priestly from the UK had smoked over 153,000 cigars and more than 700,000 cigarettes by the time he hit 100. He still smokes 10 cigars a day!! Jack secret is whiskey. He’s been taking a shot of whiskey before breakfast for 76 years. “A shot of whisky before I shower or have breakfast is the best advice anyone ever gave me.”

  • 3. Paragliding

    Peggy Alpine celebrated her 100th birthday by paragliding. “It was the most wonderful, pleasant experience and I’m ready to do it again anytime.” She credits her long life to “excitement.” It keeps her young.

  • 4. Riding A Harley

    For her 100th birthday, Muriel Woolner fulfilled her life long dream of riding a Harley. “I’ve always wanted a go on a Harley. I used to love skate boarding. I asked my friend for one so she bought me one. I did it for about two years.”

  • 5. Winning 25,000 Pounds

    At 90, Alec Holden placed a 100 pound bet that he would make it to 100. Well, he did, and won 25,000 pounds. “You must have porridge for breakfast, that’s essential. You don’t worry about anything and do as little work as possible. You go on as many holidays as you can.”

  • 6. Lots Of Chocolate

    Peggy Griffith celebrated her 100th birthday with lots of chocolate. She’d been eating 30 candy bars a week for over a decade. Her daughter said, “When mum was a little girl, her mother told her that sweets were bad for you but chocolate was good.”

  • 7. Smoking Cigarettes

    Winnie Langley had been smoking since she was 7 years old. “I have smoked ever since infant school and I have never thought about quitting.” She lit up with the help of her birthday cake candles.

  • 8. Swimming

    Nina Jackson celebrated her 100th birthday by going for a swim. She swims 3-4 times a week. “I go walking every day, I read a lot and do as many crosswords as I can.”

  • 9. With Body Building Friends

    Henry Frydman celebrated his 100th birthday with his body building friends. He works out 6 days a week. Frydman says his secret to a long life is “activity and fitness.”

  • 10. A Round Of Golf

    Clare Hall plays golf 2 times a week, so it made sense that she spent her 100th on the golf course. “Her golf is her life and keeps her going. It’s the fact that she enjoys all the company and friends at the club.”

  • 11. Being Bat Boy

    Arthur Gidden celebrated his 100th by reprising his job as bat boy for the Red Sox. He was bat boy for the Boston Braves in 1922. He said, “I’m going to do whatever they tell me to do, like any good bat boy.”

  • 12. Retire

    Arthur Winston, an LA bus driver, retired on his 100th. In his entire career Winston had only missed one day of work in 1988 when his wife passed away. “I’m kind of nervous about leaving the job. I’ve been doing it for so long,” Winston said. “I’m going to miss my crew. But I’ll find plenty of things to do with my free time.”

  • 13. Boxing

    Molley Reeves enjoyed her 100th with boxing. “I feel a bit achy afterwards but I really do enjoy it. It’s a giggle.”

  • 14. Conga!

    Emily Law celebrated her 100th with the conga! Her daughter said, “Mum’s had a colourful life and always liked dancing. She still comes to the pub with me. I think she’s a partygirl at heart.”

  • 15. At McDonalds

    Georgia Boynton celebrated her 100th at the McDonalds she’s been visiting for the past 15 years. She gets a hamburger and a coffee.