• 1. Body Art

    “In my opinion, the presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would very likely create an unacceptable risk to those high standards. It will lead to alcohol use, adultery, fraternization, and body art. If we change this rule of ‘Don’t Ask, Dont Tell’ what are we going to do with these other rules?” - Sen. Saxby Chambliss

  • 2. Transgenders and Hermaphrodites

    “There has to be a special bond in the Military, and I think that bond is broken if you open up the military to transgenders, to hermaphrodites, to gays and lesbians. Yeah, that’s gonna be part of this whole thing. It’s not just gays and lesbians. It’s a whole gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual community.” Rep. Duncan Hunter

  • 3. Awkward Barracks

    “It’s not about anti-gay. It’s about being comfortable in the barracks” - Bill O’Reilly

  • 4. Gay People Have AIDS

    Given the officially recognized correlation between homosexual conduct and HIV infection, it is reasonable to expect that repeal of the law could increase the number of troops who require medical benefits for many years but cannot be deployed.” - Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness

  • 5. iPhone Shower Photo Scandals

    In her 2008 report, Elaine Donnelly talks about how new technology like iPhones make it easier to take photos of cadets in showers.

  • 6. Because Gay People Are Like Fat/Old People

    “In order to preserve military effectiveness the military “discriminates” against the overweight, the old (most must retire in their 40s or early 50s). Similarly, it is for the good of the service that homosexuals are not allowed to serve openly.” - Colonel Dave Bedey

  • 7. Black Lesbian Gangs

    Elaine Donnelly believes there will be more gang activity. In her 2008 report she told a story about a group of black lesbians who decided to “gang-assault a fellow soldier.

  • 8. There Will Be A Draft

    It (the repeal of DADT) ultimately could lead to the imposition of the draft to fill the numbers and quotas of the military.” - Tony Perkins, Louisiana State Representative from District 64 (East Baton Rouge Parish)

  • 9. Flamboyant Displays Of Homosexual Pride

    “The sudden change in military structure would add distractions from worrying about accidentally contracting AIDS by sharing showers and quarters to unwanted sexual advances and flamboyant displays of homosexual pride.” - Eugene Delgaudio

  • 10. Abortions?

    “If you vote yes, you are voting for open gay activity in our military and abortions in our hospitals.” - Seator Jim Inhofe

  • 11. Soldiers Will Be Unwilling To Die For Their Gay Comrades

    “I happen to be Army, and Army and Marines always feel that when we’re out there, we’re not doing it for the flag or the country; we’re doing it for the guy in the next foxhole. And that would dramatically change that.” - Senator Jim Inhofe

  • 12. Exotic Forms Of Sexual Expression

    “Exotic forms of sexual expression, forcible sodomy, and inappropriate passive/aggressive actions are common in the homosexual community.” - Elaine Donnelly

  • 13. It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

    “For those of us…and I’m one of them…who have gone through the military, gone through basic training, and you stop and think… it just doesn’t make any sense.” - Senator Jim Inhofe