• 1. He eats Greek yogurt

    According to Facebook.

  • 2. He’s into tracking hurricanes

    It’s one of his only interests. He also has only one note, and it’s about Hurricane Season 2006.

  • 3. He’s worth $1.1 billion dollars

    According to Wikipedia, he still owns 5% of Facebook.

  • 4. His Facebook is pretty public

    You can see his likes and interests. Just google his name.

  • 5. He really does look like Andrew Garfield

  • 6. He likes Britney Spears!

  • 7. He’s the 356th most wealthy man in the world

    According to Forbes.

  • 8. He’s Brazillian

    He was born in Brazil, grew up in Miami, went to college at Harvard, and now lives in New York City.

  • 9. He probably voted for Barack Obama

    He likes him on Facebook.

  • 10. He watches Fox News