Your Busted Bracket Is Not The End Of The World

Now you can actually enjoy the tournament.

1. You thought you were ready for this year’s tournament.

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2. You did your research and consulted your top advisors.

Pete Souza
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3. You were confident about your bracket.

Democrat-Herald, Mark Ylen
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4. Then the Madness started.

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5. And then it got madder…

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images
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6. And madder…

Harry How / Getty Images
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7. And then soon enough a team you’ve never heard of…

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8. Comes out of nowhere…

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9. Sneaks up on you…

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10. And eliminates your national champion.

ID: 1012728

11. And just when you say…

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12. It got worse.

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13. You start thinking “maybe an infant would have picked a better bracket.”

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And maybe you’re right.

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14. You’re ready to give up…

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15. You’re about to swear off college basketball for good…

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16. But cheer up, Charlie! The tournament is just getting started!

ID: 1014226

17. And you’re no longer a slave to that damn bracket!

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18. Celebrate your freedom.

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19. Now, you can root for the underdogs…

Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images
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20. Favorites…

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images
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21. Or even mascots.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images
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22. Just as long as you’re not rooting for these guys.

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23. So stay right where you are.

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24. Remember to load up on the essentials.

ID: 1014670

25. And enjoy the next couple weeks.

Elsa / Getty Images
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