You’ll Never Guess Who Drives The Sickest Whip In The NBA

Everyone in the league has a dope set of wheels, but only one man can have the dopest.

1. Blake Griffin’s matte black GMC Denali is ‘ight.

ID: 1192027

2. And James Harden’s yellow Chevy Camaro is decent.

ID: 1192183

3. Kevin Durant’s red Ferrari California seems par for the course.

ID: 1192015

4. Lebron’s Ferrari F430 Spider is respectable.

ID: 1192070

5. And D-Wade’s red McLaren that he got for free on his birthday is admittedly pretty cool.

ID: 1192013

But no one…

ID: 1192381

And I mean no one…

ID: 1192409

Can hold a candle…

ID: 1192411

To Shawn Marion’s unique ride.

ID: 1192415

Someone give that man a helmet. That thing is barely bigger than a moped.

ID: 1192439
Bruce Bennett / Getty Images
ID: 1192670
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
ID: 1192667
Pool / Getty Images
ID: 1192668

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